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  1. Pickle

    The Bad Batch

    Trailer looks sick
  2. Bring back the boys in blue !!! Chimaera
  3. DT will be notified in advanced of your ban on the bridge
  4. Pickle


    I wouldn’t have taken the ticket I stated in admin chat at the time I’m involved I can’t take it no one responded after about 30-40 seconds and I’m pretty sure that’s near how long the claims are up for I took it and went to him saying what happened was RP and to be kept in character - from what I remember the ticket was about Roy’s doing something while standing next to them
  5. Pickle


    I do not remember this if i did do that i apologise. With this yes i grabbed relish because he was breaking NLR and constantly being stupid at the time i did use my physgun to put him high up in the air and then instantly brought him back down and let him go then telling him to stop. Delta said something cant remember what then i grabbed him and did the same. - Again this was wrong and i apologise for the way i handled this part. (At no point in time did i freeze either of the 2 in the air) This part here i spawned myself the AT-ST when a few of the INQ started to atta
  6. Fizzy is such a fun person to kill in game I always get a kick out of it.
  7. That was awesome such a good idea thanks for the share bailey
  8. Pickle

    Ban Appeal

    +1 I think he should be unbanned and put on 3-4 month trial period
  9. This video is pure Art Credit to whoever made it on youtube
  11. Legit so sad to see you go ;( Navy and the CL3+ will miss the RO haha
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