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  1. Shock or Riot is a good regiment to join that or you could join a low player count regiment and try to help the CO Revive it
  2. goodbye brother o7 Good luck with your schooling hopefully you can come on every now and then when your free and say hi
  3. Legit so sad to see OG's of Imperial gaming leave us good luck with everything and hope to see you back on the server with us soon ;( o7
  4. Pickle


    From what i can see frank was in the wrong if this was any other lower ranking staff member they would have gotten into a lot of trouble and then after he said "Ebony lying to me on a server can result to me perma banning you" in my opinion he said it because he thought she wasn't recording. I don't play on SantosRP so I'm not sure if they have to no clip through people often because of this but i would have tried to get another officer to grab the people in cuffs and drag them out of the way
  5. thats what happens when your the only staff member online i set his hp to 12.5k for the sim like a 1v10 and then i crash and he doesnt die haha
  6. +1 Trust worthy was a terrible EM but would make a good mod love ya stubzy
  7. Well said Sully Neutral
  8. I have seen solar around the server alot and he is always doing the right thing Goodluck solar
  9. Neutral Has just recently joined navy and after a few days or weeks i may update my response accordingly
  10. How have i not already +1 this???? Goodluck Braino
  11. +1 its Joel thats all you need to know top lad Goodluck Joel
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