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  1. Pickle


    Im not addicted i swear *Scraches arm* I just love chips... I was drawn to this post because i do myself play the poker on the server alot i enjoy it, i can see people get annoyed at me for being happy that i have lots of chips its just im very competative and i like to be the best so sorry to anyone if they think im being rude or anything. And side note i have played poker for many years with my family as a fun card game and with my friends if we are drinking at a mates and its very competative with them and it carries over Great post bailey i think that this could get out of hand if people dont control themselves.
  2. Pickle


    good bye jesis ;(
  3. This is awesome 2 years is a dam long time congratz on having such a popping server and im really glad im apart of this community
  4. Pickle

    Mars EM Application

    +1 Mars has proven himself to me whilest in Royal Guard he has shown a real interest in becoming a EM everyday telling me his new ideas for events i think mars is extremely creative and has a really good knowledge of lore and how events should run. Goodluck mars hope you get accepted
  5. BUMP Update: Not much has changed since my last bump, I have just gotten 12 stitches in my right arm so missed a few days recently and am still in a abit of pain
  6. Pickle


    This is awesome great work I also like the idea of there being a dark mode so that we dont get blinded by a big white tab opening if its dark in your room
  7. Bump Update: I now have over 4 weeks of playtime was 3 weeks before Thank you for the feedback and +1's from everyone means a lot
  8. Pickle

    ♜ Rook - T1 PAC Application ♜

    MASSIVE FAT HUGE +1 ROOK deserves pac3 he is new but knows what he is going and wont abuse - Pickle
  9. Pickle

    ImperialRP | Server Update

    Love this rotation looks good cant wait
  10. Thankyou to Artemis for taking the Photo <3 IGN:Terra (Was Grodin Tierce) @Pickle @Ragnar @Crunchy
  11. UPDATE: Name Change From: Grodin Tierce to Ra then to now Terra Phone Update Thankyou to the new responses and support means a lot ❤️
  12. Pickle

    Jupiter's T-mod app

    +1 For People saying he isn't known he is a RG its hard for us to get noticed please take that into count when Giving your response thankyou
  13. BUMP Rank Update: Promoted To Leading Guardsman In Royal Guard. Time Update: My Time Played Is Now (3w/0d/18hrs) Also Thankyou For Everyone's Feedback And Support I have taken everything into consideration and have update my Answers.