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  1. Goodbye Havoc, you were a really cool guy love from Vector
  2. +1 seems interesting as long as it doesn't conflict with the server and only adds to the role pay experience then I'm all for it.
  3. Thank you, everyone, for the support regarding this issue I only wish I could thank you all personally, however unlikely that most of you are reading this I simply want to thank every single one of you for your responses whether negative, neutral or positive it all means so very much to me and Vector company. -Colonel Trpimir
  4. The reasoning behind the lore is that Vector has very poor lore behind it to the point of not even bothering to have cohesive lore, while Incinerator troopers have much more lore behind them making it much easier and even possible to properly roleplay with them, however with Vector there is so little lore behind that in its initial time as a regiment many troopers had little to go over and thus many of them became mingey to the point were I had to do numerous regimental purges and only a few veteran members of Vector remain as a result. Overall it's me and all of Vector company wan
  5. While I see that the main concern would be a resemblance to Shock/Riot I was actually recommended and asked if I should use these models with Lieutenant Vexer of Shock/Riot who was one of the acting commanders during Gatsby holiday and who is a senior member of Shock/Riot and who would thus have much knowledge on the matter and have now spoken to commander Gatsby who agrees to the change, but if staff need a compromise I am willing but first please ask shock cause I'm sure they would agree with me.
  6. I am sure many of you have been witnesses to the problem facing Vector Companys model with the main problem revolving around Private level Stormtroopers calling my men various names and insults such as Nazis and KKK members, which is very annoying, breaking the roleplay and upsetting to many members of Vector company, alongside this in a recent event revolving around rebels dressed in Snowtrooper garb ,my men were escorting high ranking personnel when they were mistaken to be these Snowtroopers and thus were gunned down quickly by Imperial forces. I am writing today to ask of this communi
  7. Wow Mister Lonely reward nomination.......Im honoured?
  8. I will get Arma 3 just to play on the server really great idea!
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