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  1. petition to replace arcade with permanent gym
  2. you cant delete forum posts so here is my forum post
  3. I think you should re do your application and add detail/examples. Also give the requirements another read because you need 1 week playtime to apply.
  4. +1 Love the application and think you would be a great staff member.
  5. If it is raining and I go in the pool will I get wet or wetter
  6. +1 From the few experiences I've had with you in game I think you will be a great addition to IGs staff team, Application is great and I like your event ideas.
  7. Rescue was my first reg and it was OP bring it back
  8. Wow whoever made the stage did a good job
  9. FYI: Chapter 8 - the season finale releases NEXT Friday because chapter 7 was released on Wednesday.
  10. Here is a quick look of Fortism Keep! A kingdom on Minecraft full of IG players. DM @Billybob1061 or @Splonter for more info! Group Photos Other Images
  11. Nice application, due to the feedback above I will be leaving a +1 on your application.
  12. +1 Have not had any problems with you ingame before. Event Ideas are really cool. The only negative thing is the questions could probably use a little more detail. Good Luck!
  13. +1 Nice pac examples. Would definitely be a trustworthy pac user. Good luck boat
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