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Everything posted by Rickle

  1. Rickle

    Giveaway Season!

    Count me in boy!
  2. Rickle

    Memorial Picture

  3. 2 !st Places, 1 2nd Place, Thanks for voting me guys and girls
  4. Rickle

    I'm leaving

    Cya Morgan, Gonna Miss you man, Thanks for fixing my pac's. Much love, goodluck In the future.
  5. Rickle

    My time here..

    Good pics bro
  6. Rickle

    Nomos' Introduction

    Hello and Welcome
  7. Rickle

    My Time Here.

    A lot of Memories
  8. Rickle

    The Chimera

    HAHAH great video
  9. Rickle

    2 Year Anniversary Video!

    2 Years! and Many more to come! Great Video.
  10. Rickle

    About a year late

    Hello my good friend.
  11. Rickle

    IG - Anniversary Awards Voting

    That award would go to @Parcy
  12. Rickle

    IG - Anniversary Awards Voting

    Anthony for most active award
  13. Rickle


    Noooooo, Jesis imma miss you man, I remember those 1am Star Wars battlefront 2 grinds, gotta do them again, goodluck in the future xx.
  14. Rickle

    Permanently Stepping Down

    Gonna miss you mauler, sad to see you going.
  15. Rickle

    Auzii's Advertising Team Application

    ACCEPTED - Welcome to the Advertisement Team, Contact myself on TeamSpeak when available. @Chopz Could you please lock this up and move into accepted. Thanks.
  16. +1, Reasons stated above. Goodluck
  17. Rickle

    Van Sando (Levi)

  18. Agreed. This comment sums it up well.
  19. Rickle

    Mars Ban Appeal

  20. Join the discord that was linked above, you will find a lot more information there.
  21. Rickle

    Carswell's Introduction

    ./me Nods. Bailey - "It has been done my Lord"
  22. Rickle

    Noxus Introduction

    Hello and Welcome
  23. Rickle

    Matrix's Slightly Late Intro

    Hello and Welcome Matrix