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  1. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1414418387 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1414418741
  2. bad taste in music tho. I mean good.
  3. Neutral Application overall is good, just don't use bright colors it makes my eyes bleed. Use something more dull but clear. Also, your first event is kinda all over the place. For example Where did the ship come from? How did it exactly and where it exploded. But maybe that's just me, just elaborate more on the events and you should be good. Also, I think you're mature enough for this role. Just improve a few tid bits. Good luck! - Zeta
  4. He just banters around really, no harmful minging. Minging is basically trolling my friends, trolling either verbally or physically and he doesn't do that. So +1, you also rp really well - Could make a good fit.
  5. +1 Great guy, friendly, knows when to be mature and serious and have fun at the same time. Event ideas are simple, unique and looks fun. I luve you Good Luck Zeta
  6. jesus christ twinkie, u had put alot of effort into this would +1 if i can >.>
  8. It's been long since Zyrrik accessed his personal journals. Ever since he met Zeta Jr. and had heard about the Empire he wanted to join ever since. He discovered that he was force sensitive and decided the best way to serve the empire is to become a sith inquisitor. So, he joined the academy - after many years of gruelling training he had achieved his goals in becoming an inquisitor. Today's the day he'll write more. ============================================================= PASSWORD REQUIRED Home. PROCESSING. ------------ ACCESS GRANTED. This
  9. Zeta


    TW I N K IE GR I L L ? ! W O W W E E
  10. Events are very nice. But you need to get well-known and get your playtime up. For now, NEUTRAL.
  11. Zeta


    I like twinkies, especially this one
  12. UPDATE ON THEE DRAWINGS (still haven't done em)
  13. +1 Friendly Mature Trusted Member Well-known Very Helpful Creative
  14. I literally sang the "take on me" song just to get an award but N O O O O . THE R E " S N O A W A RD F OR B ES T S IN G E R.
  15. oi I said Mop first (I said Grand Mop Hulkin damnit)
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