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  1. +1 Active Mature Friendly
  2. The man, the myth, the legend, Fein!
  3. See you around Comrade!
  4. It was 1.6 million people - bloody huge!
  5. Here are some artists Barry White Van Morrison Billy Joel Adele Dolly Parton Bruno Mars Ricky Montgomery Still Woozy Fleetwood Mac
  6. -1 Petty Wasn't a great staff member when staff on IG and on "The Order" (I worked under his directive). Biased beyond belief - A quality staff shouldn't have. Good luck.
  7. Why wasn't I told Naval CO positions are being offered?
  8. Ayy it's Biff, see you around my dude
  9. As a full blooded Italian I can confirm that, Pizza is Pizza.
  10. +1 Reasons stated below: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mature Friendly (and further, he is approachable) Experienced Active Trustworthy ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. +1 The guy is a dickhead, but a good dickhead,
  12. Blue berries are literally the fucking best
  13. If you genuinely find enjoyment in shit talking your girlfriend publicly behind her back, I suggest you re-evaluate your current relationship.
  14. Commodore Faro when she ain't commanding our ISD..
  15. Well, I wasn't lying..
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