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  1. That anime profile pic almost made me give you a -support... +1 Goodluck
  2. +1 _________________________ Active Responsible Friendly One of the Captains Somewhat Mature _________________________ Goodluck
  3. Oh my god i fucking love this so much
  4. Good luck man, hope to see you in the near future..
  5. Steam> Epic Games I refuse to download this game
  6. I was teh best Nova commander eva
  7. Changing my response to a -1, caught Mauler yesterday abusing his PAC3 camera to find out where we (event characters) were hiding during an event. If he can't be trusted with the privilege of PAC3 I highly doubt he can be trusted with Moderator. Changed to a Neutral leaning towards -1, received his perspective on the issue.
  8. wflizzi

    It's Time.

    This is amazing, can't wait!
  9. You will be missed, goodluck Brother
  10. I still remember when Gamma introduced me to this game, gee that was a long time ago
  11. For all the Total War lovers Shogun II is currently free on steam! https://store.steampowered.com/app/201270/Total_War_SHOGUN_2/
  12. +1 Mature Friendly Responsible
  13. +1 All warns are old and I believe Hyperion has what it takes to be a great EM.
  14. A broadcast of Theta with a rebel flag over the holonet ooop
  15. wflizzi

    I like ISC

    Is that a vehicle modification? Loss of license that is....
  16. Now I can't wait to tractor beam a ship into our moon pool! Very well done Greyback!
  17. wflizzi

    Dragon Egg Defeat

    I make your favorite hard boiled eggs
  18. Minecraft name: wflizzi
  19. Clone wars was amazing, if another CWRP server was created now it would flourish for sure.
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