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  1. I am no longer a staff member on Gateway.
  2. Steam Details Steam Name: Caboose Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:52243349 Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/thycaboose/ In Game Details In Game Name: Caboose In Game Rank: N/A In Game Regiment: N/A Ban Details How long was the ban for: Permanent Which staff member banned you: Management Team What date did the ban occur: 18-09-18 What was the reason for the ban: "Management Decision" Explain the situation in detail which led to you being banned: I created EG, a few months after I stepped away from EG I joined IG
  3. To Dracks: It makes me happy that you come on our server and get away from the bullying you receive in school. It really goes to show that there are a lot of people that try to get away from there IRL issues by playing on the server. I try my best to make this community a bully free zone and a safe place for people of all ages to play and have fun (Staff help with this). I love this community and it makes me happy to see that myself, a staff member can help you with the situation you are in. The fact people bully you over liking an extremely popular franchise is ridiculous. I love Star Wa
  4. Lightsabers: I know everybody has been waiting a extremely long time for this change. But it is still being worked on however I will be getting the majority of the Sith/Saber wielders on the Dev server this friday to test the current situation with the sabers. If they believe it is at a usable state then it will be added. Chat: Moose and Badger have been working together to make chat better this past week. In doing so they have added colours and new features to our chat system. We may add more features in the future. Changes: COMMS are now Green
  5. 1. You do not address Vader as Mr. It is Lord to anybody that is not the Emperor 2. You ran into the Sith Temple with a gun out. 3. You continuously minged, and the whole server can back me up on that. 4. The times I had a phys-gun out was OOC, it was a admin sit. 5. Star Killer is not a playable character on the server. 6. Your ban reason: Not here to play. FailRP. Minge. 7. Demanded Lord Vader too un-arrest you over comms 8. Continuously used comms in appropriately. As far as I can see you were banned appropriately.
  6. Your ban has been appealed. The reason you were banned was you killed badger twice as a "Rogue Storm trooper" (You changed your name). Which is just a reason to RDM. If you believe you would like to come back to the server and play properly this time I have no issue with that. But if you get 3 Warns you will be banned again. And you cannot appeal a second time. Welcome back to the community and have fun!
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