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  1. Additionally I am hoping to be rejoining IC soon
  2. A few months ago (although it felt like years) I left due to a burnout, fast forward about 4-5 months and I have returned, I hope to make a lot of memorable moments during my time here once again. Oh wait I should probably mention more I started out like every other player, being recruited and starting as an ST and eventually making my way into 501st, starting out in VF before moving on into IC in which I stayed in before getting a massive burnout which ended up in my removal from IC. However I have returned. And as of writing I am currently a Storm Trooper, and although I am curren
  3. So after about a year and a half I finally decided to do one of these things... Now where do I begin again? Alright. As most people know I am currently in the Imperial Commando's. At the time of writing this I am also a Support class which I try my best to do both at. Mainly not many people know me as I tend to be at either the back end. Or way too far at the front, however I normally try to get whatever I need to do done and be on to the next... Am I done yet? No? Well too bad because I got nothing else to put in here.
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