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  1. Sad to see you leave brother <3
  2. No its your turn to report the fatalities!
  3. Yes I 100% agree being australian makes the english language 10 times harder though.
  4. Wow this has added new meaning to my life as an English speaker!
  5. Daxx

    Community Expansion

    I didn't know I needed this until now
  6. I think there is a reason why the military are down there and other up on the stage is because they are the ones fighting most people on the stage wouldn't fight in lore like the military so i think it is just about them being more focused on by the people giving the info about the missions or whatever, but I would like to see other peoples opinions.
  7. Daxx

    Nerf Dio

    I do agree that dio needs to be nerfed in some type of way because I have experienced many times as an EC and you really cant do anything but run away, the hit box is very small and he has like all the best weapons like rpgs and stuff.
  8. Daxx

    Shock's Punishment

    very much funny 10/10 would watch again
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