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  1. Added a few more, what do you think?
  2. I agree Ridge, it would be great and I believe beneficial to the community of IG if we got strong, honest opinions. That way we could have a basis on how we can improve and what could be implemented. I hope that in the future it can be taken into consideration to possibly design a new Logo, I would love to help out and be a part of it all. ~ Plumph
  3. Rip, did not take that into account.. / didn't even notice
  4. +1. Love it! Some great ideas here, would benefit the server greatly through advertisment. Good luck, hope it all goes well! ~ Plumph
  5. Hey lads! Been a bit busy with work lately, however managed to rack up some free time... Got a little bored though, so I decided to pitch in and create an Imperial Gaming logo with my knowledge of photoshop and illustrator. Keep in mind, this was just for fun, maybe something the community could consider, I don't know. THANKS LADS, HOPE YOU LIKE EM! ~ Wiemers
  6. +1, BIG PAPA BB <3 ~ Plumph
  7. *** Thanks lads for all your support, appreciate the feedback! *** ~ Plumph
  8. +1, Dude, one hell of an app. Obviously has good knowledge and experience and suggests that his content would be lag free. Morals are well thought and overall, a banging trustworthy lad. ~ Plumph
  9. Let me evaluate by showing examples; 1. Mine \/ in comparison to yours 2. Mine \/ in comparison to yours, 3. Mine \/ in comparason to yours which is shown in my previous statement. - Thankyou, please keep in mind that I am in now way advertising or expressing my own Pac3 app, it is to show proof and evidence of my statment that is that Zumos has plaigiarised using my content. - ~ Plumph
  10. -1, Sorry man, but after reading this, I noticed alot of plagiarism in comparison to my own application. You used very, VERY similar writing to my own Pac3 app which tells me that you did not put enough of your own effort into it. ~ Plumph
  11. +1, I mean. We're talking about chef here <3 ~Plumph
  12. +1, Ling Ling. Where do I start? Ling has been with us for several months with countless acts of maturity expressing his loyalty towards the community. One of the most trustworthy blokes I know on the server. Strongly recommend! -On my phone so I can't change the color :(- ~ Plumph
  13. --- Application Removed ---
  14. +1, I dont know anyone who could fit the role of moderator better. Has great experience and is very positive influence on the server and within the community. ~ Wiemers
  15. --- Will be afk for the next week (study / exam block)
  16. --- Update --- Time Played: 6days 3hrs Rank: DT Corporal 73-04 Plumph
  17. Cya dude, great having you with us. Have a good one. ~ Plumph (Wiemers)
  18. +1 - Why isnt he already staff? ~ Wiemers
  19. Thanks for all your responses, I'll ensure that I keep them in mind. ~ Wiemers
  20. Thanks for the input, I will ensure that I take into consideration what you have posted. ~ Wiemers
  21. Thankyou for your honest opinion, I will take this into account. ~ Wiemers
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