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  1. S*CK My Big Emperor Dick - "Ninja" Why Have 1 Emperor When We Can Have 3?
  2. Neutral Pretty Active Never Break Rules Or Minge Application Needs More Detail And From Above , The Application Seems Very Rushed. If you can add more details to the application i will consider changing my Neutral to +1
  3. I will try to improve on the pac designs that i make after i get better at using pac 3 , thanks for the feedback . Thanks, for supporting me
  4. What is your In-game name: Mythical Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:100089210 Steam link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Mythicallll/ Play time: 6 Days 13 Hours 32 Mins Have you used PAC Before: Yes , i've started using pac 3 these past few days in this week in single player when i heard of it as it seemed very interesting , i have been learning how to use different functions of pac 3 to help certain events to combine with my character as of this moment i am still trying to try out more functions of pac 3 to learn more about it theses are some simple pacs i created for my first few times trying to use pac 3 and i am still trying to further improve my creations Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph): I believe that i should be trusted with pac 3 as i have been actively particpating in helping the community to make it better and because i have never really minged a lot on the server and have been following the rules , i am willing to put maximum dedication to help the server become better thus i feel i am trust worthy enough to have pac 3. Why do you want PAC (1 Paragraph): I want to have pac to increase roleplay for me and possibly the people around me , by having pac 3 i would be able to improve my passive rp and because i enjoy being able to design and make pacs , with pac 3 i can also help add more interactions regarding rp stuff Why do you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph): I dont think i have enough experience with pac 3 to be able to deserve it but with all the reasons i have stated from above i hope that i would be trust worthy enough to get pac 3 to help improve roleplay for both myself and those around me , i am always willing to put time into pac 3 to learn more features and slowly improve my skills on using pac 3 Additional Notes: Feel free to tell me on the parts where i can improve on by writing it down in the reply section , this is the first time im applying for something on this server so i hope you dont mind the small mistakes i make
  5. Welcome to the server !
  6. Welcome to the server Even though you minged a lot hopefully you have changed
  7. +1 - dont speak to you a lot but i can tell you will be able to make full use of pac 3 and not abuse it
  8. +1 Friendly Guy Quite Active Patient Nice Pac 3 Creations Good Luck!
  9. -1 I was the prophet zaspan was grabbing in the first picture , he was just telling me about something that isn't allowed anymore. and then you started coming in saying you're taking screenshots which then he moves you away from the admin sit , he didn't do anything wrong.
  10. Mythical

    Better Models

    I've recently joined a sith regiment and i found something lacking .. Models I've realised that regiments such as prophets , shadow guards they dont have any differences in the model as they rank up which i find quite disturbing since it's harder to differentiate which is the higher up . so my suggestion is to make it so the models for the higher ranks are different
  11. About Me Hi Im Mythical or you can call me Myth I joined the imperial server recently and have enjoyed my times there and so i'll like to dedicate some of my life into the imperial server Here are some facts about me : Random Causal Gamer Prefered Games: FPS , MMORPG , MOBA Likes: Roleplaying abit , being listless , helping others out Dislikes : People who play games just to make others mad intentionally ; keyboard warriors ; trollers , minges ; people who talk trash constantly and more which i am too lazy to list out Hope i can get to meet more people in the Imperial Server
  12. One question asked by all people , How's Life
  13. New player that recently joined [IG] hope im welcomed here xD

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