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  1. -1 Little To No Effort Put In Application / Application Seems Rushed The Link To Your Time Played Does Not Work I Don't See You Much I Don't Think You Deserve To Get T-Mod If You Don't Even Bother To Put In Effort Into Your Application , Those 1 To 2 Line Answers Won't Get You T-Mod . And I Don't See You A Lot On The Server . If You Fix The Error's I've Stated I'll Consider Changing My Decision
  2. I Have A Bad Habit Of Capitalising Every Word , If You Check The Some Of The Past Post's I've Made The Words Are Mostly Capitalised , And Same From Above If You Don't Like Me Capitalising Every Word , I'll Change Them.
  3. I Had No Intentions Of Making My Text Look Longer By Making it Bigger , Just Increased The Size To Make It More Convenient For People To Read , If My Actions Has Bothered You In Any Way I Can Change It.
  4. Steam Name: Mythical Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:100089210 In Game Name: [MHC] Mythical Currently Head Of Marauders Time Played (Server Time/Screenshot evidence): 1 Week 1 Day 21 Hours Have you had any warns (If so state them): 1, Misuse Of Tools I Have Changed Since Then When The Warn Was Given Have you had any bans (If so state them): None And I Don't Intent To Get Any Have you been staff on any other servers (If so state them): Moderator On Gaminglight RP - [Resigned] Why are you applying for TMOD: The Decision Of Applying For T-Mod Has
  5. +1 Mature Friendly Decent Pac Creations Quite Active I believe fish/nike will be able to use PAC 3 to the best extent Good Luck!
  6. I Believe If He Actually Still Bothers About His Application , He Would Tell Us This Himself Rather Than You Unless He Has Issues Writing On The Forums
  7. -1 agreed , if you start getting more active i might consider changing my decision
  8. Mythical

    h i

    Welcome Back! Even Though I Don't Know You , I Hope We Can Get Along
  9. Neutral PAC Creations Are Alright Not Much Detail In Application I Don't See You Much Play Time Is Quite Low Try Getting Your Playtime Higher And Try To Get On More To Get More Well Known Along The Community , And I Believe Your Application Can Be Improved A Lot More Same Goes For Your Pac Creations , If You Put In More Effort Into Fixing Those Errors , I Will Consider Changing My Neutral To A +1
  10. +1 Mature Good Roleplayer Well Known Cool Pac Creations I Believe Cody Will Be Able To Fully Utilise PAC Tier 2 And Create Even More Fascinating PAC Creations Good Luck!
  11. -1 Little To No Effort Put Into Application / Application Seems Rushed Try To Add Colours To The Application And Increase It's Size To Make It Easier To Read I Don't Think You're Ready For Trial Moderator If You Don't Bother To Put In Effort Into Your Application Even Though I Gave A -1 , If You Decide To Put In More Effort Into Your Application , I Will Consider Changing My Decision
  12. Neutral Friendly Quite Active Mature Not Much Details In Application / Application Seems To Be Rushed Even Though I Gave A Neutral , If You Put In More Effort To Add Details To Your Application , I Will Consider Changing It To A +1
  13. -1 Poor To No Effort Put In Application / Application Seems Rushed I Don't See You A Lot (maybe it's just me) Play Time Also Refers To Your In-Game Playtime Pac 3 Creation Is Way Too Small I Can't See Anything Even though i gave you a -1 , if you put in more effort into fixing your application and create more pac 3 creations to prove you are deserving of PAC 3 i will consider changing it to a +1
  14. -1 No Effort In Application / Application Seems Rushed Play Time Is Supposed To Be Your In-Game Playtime At Least Attempt To Use Pac 3 In Singleplayer And Provide Some Creations That You've Created To Show That You Deserve Pac I Don't See You A Lot On The Server (maybe its just me) Even Though I Gave You A -1 , If You Make Effort Into Fixing The Application I Might Consider Changing My Decision
  15. Mythical

    quick binds list

    TS Link And Clearance Link !ts and !cl Ts3.imperialgaming.net ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Common Bind Keys Salute Bind bind (key) " say /me salutes with respect ; act salute" ID Bind bind (key) " say /me Presents ID | Name: (Name) | Regiment : (Regiment) | Rank : (Rank) | CL: (cl level)" Bow Bind bind (key) " say /me Bows With Respect ; act bow" Stripping Of Comms And Weapons bind (key) " say /me Strips Weapons And Comms" Stripping Of Only Weapons / Comms bind (key) " say /me S
  16. -1 Exceed Warn Limit No Effort Put In Application Missing A Part Of The Template Application Format Is Quite Hard To Read (Maybe It's Just Me)
  17. Welcome back! Even though i don't know you i hope we can get along
  18. +1 Trust worthy Active Respectable Guy Pretty Well Known Patient Even Though I Gave A +1 I Hope You Can Add More Details To The Application To Have A Higher Chance Of Getting T-Mod As I Feel It's A Bit Lacking Right Now (Maybe It's Just Me) Good Luck!
  19. +1 Friendly Active Trust worthy Mature Good Luck!
  20. +1 Kinda Active Cool Guy Pretty Good Application Put In Efforts To Change The Mistakes Made Good Luck!
  21. I see that you have put in effort to add more details to the application even though its still lacking abit (maybe it's just me) i decided to change my neutral to a +1 Good Luck!
  22. Neutral Application not detailed enough Events are lacking in some parts I don't see you much (maybe its just me) If you add more details to your application and put in more interesting events ill consider changing my neutral to a +1 Good Luck!
  23. When It Gets Off To Non-Rp Why Have 1 Emperor When We Can Have 3? zaspan please dont beat me Fun Times pinejack <3
  24. We Respect The Dead That Have Scarificed Their Lifes In War not As you can see we are Transporting Their Bodies
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