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  1. Helloo , Most Of You Might Know Me , Most Of You Might Not Welp Im Just Writing This Topic In Order To Say That Im Taking A Break From The Server  And That I Have Stepped Down From My Position As Vanquisher From Marauders I Might Still Return To The Servers From Time To Time But Just Not As Much . Not Sure How Long The Break Is Gonna Be But Yeah .

    Being In The Server Created Great Memories And Experiences For Me , Hopefully People Don't Forget Me After The Long Break :/

    But Here's A List Of People That I Have Enjoyed Being With And Had A Great Time Roleplaying With Them :) 

    • Bob De Great Medic
    • Rickle The Loyal
    • Pickle The Jokester (in a good way :))
    • Marlin De Gud Roleplayer
    • Zaspan The Serious But Gud Guy 
    • Iris The Great Pal
    • Pinejack De Lit Boi
    • Helsing The Worthy
    • Emerald The Pac God And Bud
    • Pavonis De Teacher And Pal (for teaching me how to fly :D )
    • Ramirez The Cool Guy (for letting me into the reg despite me being new)

    PS: If You Guys Aren't In The List Does Not Mean I Didn't Enjoy Being With You Just That I Had Better Experiences With Them Or I Might Have Just Forgotten To Add  Your Name :/

    Well Thats The End Of My Topic , Hopefully I Can Still Meet Ya Guys After My Break Ends :D

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  2. -1

    In My Opinion , This Application Can Be Improved A Lot More , As What Pinejack Has Stated There Are Tons Of Grammatical And Spelling Errors , I Feel That If You Actually Wanted PAC 3 You Could At Least Check For Mistakes In Your Application And Maybe Show Some Of Your PAC 3 Creations To Show That You Deserve PAC 3 , Here Are The Tips You Can Follow To Improve Your Application .

    • Fixing Grammatical And Spelling Errors
    • Creating Some PAC Creations And Showing It
    • Try To Freshen Up Your Application A Bit By Adding Colours To The Text And Increasing The Size
    • Adding More Details To Your Application And Try To Answer Questions In Proper Paragraphs Than Point Forms

     If I See Effort Into Fixing The Mistakes I've Stated Above I Will Gladly Change My Decision

    Good Luck! ,


  3. Banned For Replying To The Thread After Getting Banned By The Guy Who Replied To The Thread Who Banned You For Replying To This Thread And Banning The Other Dude For Banning The Guy That Replied To The Thread That Banned You .


    Does This Even Make Sense

  4. 2 hours ago, Emerald said:


    Hello Sol,

    After reading your application, I have noticed some flaws that makes me believe that you are not ready to obtain PAC3 Tier One.

    Firstly, You say you are 'Experienced' with PAC3, However when viewing your example it just looks rushed and not really thought out.

    Server playtime is an issue as I have personally never seen you engage in RP or get involved within the Community.

    • Personally never seen you on the server nor have I seen you engage in any RP.
    • Your Playtime on the server is quite low for someone applying for PAC3, Try to get atleast a week.
    • PAC3 Examples are very bland and boring, Would like to see some more detailed creations.
    • As @Twinkie mentioned, Try to get more involved within the Community and probably within the Forums aswell.
    • PAC3 Application is pretty average, However it would be nice to see some more detail in this application.

    If you're able to improve on what is listed here, I will gladly change my opinion.

    Good Luck.

    -1 , I Agree With What Emerald Has Said , Put Effort Into Changing The Things That He Has Listed And I Will Consider Changing My Decision

    Good Luck! ,


  5.   Hello                                                                                                                                                                  What Else Can I Say Lol

  6. +1

    • Active
    • Mature
    • Friendly
    • Doesn't Minge

    Despite The Fact That I Gave A +1 , I Believe Your PAC Creation Can Be Further Improved . But I Have Known You Well Enough To Believe You Will Be Able To Do Well With PAC 3 With A Bit Of Practice And Not Abuse PAC 3

    Good Luck! , 



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  7. Neutral

    • Events Are Pretty Plain ( Not Trying To Be Mean)
    • Time Played Is Quite Low
    • I Don't Know/See You A Lot


    • Event Idea's Can Be Improved A Lot More 
    • Application Can Be Lightened Up Abit More By Adding A Few Colours
    • Spending More Time In The Server And Getting More Well Known

    If I See Effort Into Fixing The Mistakes I've Stated I Will Consider Changing My Decision 

    Good Luck! , 


  8. -1

    • Insufficient Time Played
    • Wrong Format
    • Have No Idea Who You Are
    • Terrible Application 
    • Zero To No Effort Put Into Application

    I Can't Tell If This Is Meant As A Joke , Not Trying To Be Mean But This Is Quite A Bad Application , But I'm Going To Give You The Benefit Of The Doubt And Assume You're Actually Trying Here Are Some Tips For You.

    • Spending More Effort Into Adding Details Into Your Application
    • Also Try Getting At Least 1 Week Before Applying . One Of The Rules In Applying                                                             8. Must have at least 1 week on the server before applying.  


    • Getting More Well Known Among The Community

    If I See You Putting More Effort In Your Application And  In The Community , I Will Consider Changing My Decision

    Good Luck ! ,


  9. +1

    • Mature 
    • Friendly
    • Active
    • Well Known Among The Community


    I Feel That Jet Will Be A Good Candidate For T-Mod From Reasons Stated Above ^ 

    Still I Feel Your Application Can Be Improved By Adding More Details To It.

    Good Luck!

  10. 38 minutes ago, goliath said:


    While some of your event ideas are inspired, there will be MANY problems in execution.  Having 5 map changes overall (2nd event) will totally kill ether the player count or the server.  There are writing inconsistencies, the rank of event characters changes thought.  I have alto noticed that you can be a bit immature at times.

    ^Agreed , -1

  11. Qualities Of An Event Master In My Opinion

    Being Able To Make Sure Both Parties  [The Event Characters And People Who Are Not Event Characters] Have Fun And Enjoy , Even Though Having A Lot Of Event's Would Be Good But As Said From Above "Quality Over Quantity" Despite Having Many Events , If The Events Are Boring And Unoriginal No One Would Want To Take Part In The Event  ,  Thinking Of Both Creative And Unique Events Will Enable The Players To Enjoy More Of The Time They Spent On The Server . 

    Any EM's That Are Able To Fulfill The Point's I've Stated Above Are Most Likely To Be Successful EM's

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