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  1. Helloo , Most Of You Might Know Me , Most Of You Might Not Welp Im Just Writing This Topic In Order To Say That Im Taking A Break From The Server And That I Have Stepped Down From My Position As Vanquisher From Marauders I Might Still Return To The Servers From Time To Time But Just Not As Much . Not Sure How Long The Break Is Gonna Be But Yeah . Being In The Server Created Great Memories And Experiences For Me , Hopefully People Don't Forget Me After The Long Break But Here's A List Of People That I Have Enjoyed Being With And Had A Great Time Roleplaying With Them Bob De
  2. Banned For Replying To The Thread After Getting Banned By The Guy Who Replied To The Thread Who Banned You For Replying To This Thread And Banning The Other Dude For Banning The Guy That Replied To The Thread That Banned You . Does This Even Make Sense
  3. Mythical


    Hello What Else Can I Say Lol
  4. Mythical


    Welcome To The Community ! I Hope You Enjoy The Time You Spend Here , Myth
  5. Welcome To The Community Hope We Can Get Along , Myth
  6. Good Bye Ramirez , Remember On My First Few Days Of Playing In The Server You Recruited Me Into SW ? Gud Memories You Will Be Missed D:
  7. Qualities Of An Event Master In My Opinion Being Able To Make Sure Both Parties [The Event Characters And People Who Are Not Event Characters] Have Fun And Enjoy , Even Though Having A Lot Of Event's Would Be Good But As Said From Above "Quality Over Quantity" Despite Having Many Events , If The Events Are Boring And Unoriginal No One Would Want To Take Part In The Event , Thinking Of Both Creative And Unique Events Will Enable The Players To Enjoy More Of The Time They Spent On The Server . Any EM's That Are Able To Fulfill The Point's I've Stated Above Are Most Likely To Be Suc
  8. Mythical

    h i

    Welcome Back! Even Though I Don't Know You , I Hope We Can Get Along
  9. Mythical

    quick binds list

    TS Link And Clearance Link !ts and !cl Ts3.imperialgaming.net ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Common Bind Keys Salute Bind bind (key) " say /me salutes with respect ; act salute" ID Bind bind (key) " say /me Presents ID | Name: (Name) | Regiment : (Regiment) | Rank : (Rank) | CL: (cl level)" Bow Bind bind (key) " say /me Bows With Respect ; act bow" Stripping Of Comms And Weapons bind (key) " say /me Strips Weapons And Comms" Stripping Of Only Weapons / Comms bind (key) " say /me S
  10. Welcome back! Even though i don't know you i hope we can get along
  11. When It Gets Off To Non-Rp Why Have 1 Emperor When We Can Have 3? zaspan please dont beat me Fun Times pinejack <3
  12. We Respect The Dead That Have Scarificed Their Lifes In War not As you can see we are Transporting Their Bodies
  13. S*CK My Big Emperor Dick - "Ninja" Why Have 1 Emperor When We Can Have 3?
  14. Welcome to the server Even though you minged a lot hopefully you have changed
  15. -1 I was the prophet zaspan was grabbing in the first picture , he was just telling me about something that isn't allowed anymore. and then you started coming in saying you're taking screenshots which then he moves you away from the admin sit , he didn't do anything wrong.
  16. I've recently joined a sith regiment and i found something lacking .. Models I've realised that regiments such as prophets , shadow guards they dont have any differences in the model as they rank up which i find quite disturbing since it's harder to differentiate which is the higher up . so my suggestion is to make it so the models for the higher ranks are different
  17. About Me Hi Im Mythical or you can call me Myth I joined the imperial server recently and have enjoyed my times there and so i'll like to dedicate some of my life into the imperial server Here are some facts about me : Random Causal Gamer Prefered Games: FPS , MMORPG , MOBA Likes: Roleplaying abit , being listless , helping others out Dislikes : People who play games just to make others mad intentionally ; keyboard warriors ; trollers , minges ; people who talk trash constantly and more which i am too lazy to list out Hope i can get to
  18. One question asked by all people , How's Life
  19. New player that recently joined [IG] hope im welcomed here xD

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