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  1. Information about me

    Hello to whoever reading my introduction, I've been on the server for quite a while now, Like 2 days and 5 hours of total playtime. I'm getting more and more active as usual, Imperial has been my favourite SWRP server from every server I've been on so far. I'm currently 15 years old, I'm really addicted to playing games aka No life. It is a pleasure to be an Imperial member. I usually play DarkRP a lot but I got bored of DarkRP so I moved on to playing Star Wars RP instead. It's really fun, There are many events daily and it's really creative, Thanks to all Event Masters! I've registered on the forum for quite a while now, Not so long tho. I was looking around the forum and it looks fun so I decided to create my own introduction to introduce myself to everyone and I'm hoping we can be cool to each other. I've some friends playing on Imperial not that much tho, But I'm still looking to find more friends. I hope I see you all in-game, Don't be afraid to say Hi, I'm a friendly guy. My life has been pretty eventful, If you know me more, I'll tell you more about my life. And Btw,

    My IGN is Chaos, I'm a Royal Guard member.

    Past Regiments: Shadow Trooper. 

    My personally

    I can be a fucking memelord. If you treat me with respect, I give it back. I hope to see everyone around and be able to get to know the players, and if you recognise me from somewhere else, Hello! And I guess, I'll cya around. I'm a bit dumb sometimes, Also a minge (a little bit), Don't hate me just because of I'm minging, I stopped minging now.

    My current role in Imperial [Spoilers : I'm just a normal User.]

    I'm just a normal user looking toward on working in Imperial as a Staff member in the future, As I'd like to be a part of the High-quality Staff team. I like how everything is great, Even the members itself. I'd like to help moderating or even making events and reduce the works from the staff team.

    Additional information [Extra Speech]

    I wish the members and every staff team in Imperial the best luck. I'm going to try to be a High-Quality member. Thanks to whoever that is reading my introduction, As I think introductions aren't read a lot. Anyways, Thanks for reading my Introduction, Wish you all the best luck and have a nice day.

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