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  1. +1 biggest +1 I can give. Reasons stated above.
  2. +1, Reason stated above Good luck!
  3. Thanks! I'm trying to improve my behaviour and try not to minge as much.
  4. Steam Name: [IG] Allucious Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:150718654 In Game Name: Eighth Brother [212th] Allucious Time Played (Server Time/Screenshot evidence): 2 week of playtime, Before Major reset + Current playtime. [Ignore me being a ST, It's for an event] Have you had any warns (If so state them): Yes, One warn when I was new for FailRP, That time I was an event character and I was cuffed but I entered a tie and that's FailRP as I can't enter the tie when I'm cuffed and it's my false. I'm not planning to get any more warn in the future.
  5. UPDATED -3 New PACs -Cuffed Hostage -Food and water on a tray [ Randomly made this while thinking about PAC ideas ] - Weapon unequip from back
  6. +1 Mythical would fit the Mod rank, He's a great member Friendly Great App Active Trustworthy
  7. UPDATED -I'm currently in Shock now and using a new name, Allucious. -2 New PACs -Cape -Taking off my helmet I apologize for getting inactive. I'll be more active and not randomly go inactive again. Best Regards, Allucious.
  8. I'm back now, I'm sorry that I didn't tell anyone where I was going. I'll be more active now. Regards, Chaos
  9. [UPDATE] I'm in ALD now, I've leave Prophet and I would do more PACs that fits ALD.
  10. +1 Good luck, I hope you get Trial Moderator! c:
  11. +1 Icie is a great guy Good roleplayer Well Known Active Good luck!
  12. [UPDATE] -Reached the requirement - 1 Week of total playtime! c:
  13. +1 All reasons above, Great guy overall. Good luck!
  14. UPDATE -ID Hologram -Mouse Droid Pet -Using force mind trick so it looks more realistic in RP.
  15. UPDATE -More details for "What can you bring to the staff team" 150 words more, And I would continue updating. I'm not giving up just yet. c:
  16. +1, Great guy Good luck buddy boi
  17. The Spear thing is a pike, It's a lightsaber that's why it's going through my Pauldron. As I'm a RG before.
  18. +1 Joel is a good boi, Friendly and I've never seen him minging before. c:
  19. Thanks to everyone who reviewed my application! I really appreciate it that you guys read my app c: Regards, Chaos
  20. Thanks for commenting! I'm trying to improve my playtime right now c:
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