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  1. UPDATE - 2 Weeks of total playtime [Before Major reset + Current playtime.
  2. Huge +1 for Hex, He's overall a great friendly guy. Friendly Mature Great app Doesn't minge
  3. Steam Name: [IG] Allucious [Kaz1] [Kaz1 is actually my old name when I was addicted to CS:GO.] Steam 64ID: 76561198261703036 In game name and rank: Inquisitor, Inquisitor, [212th] Allucious. How old are you?: I'm currently 15. Time Played: 1 Week 5 days and 19 hours. [Before major reset 1 week, now 5 days and 19 hours.] Do you have a microphone?: No, But I'm a fast typer. Why are you applying for this position?: I wanted to help people that have any problems with their stuff and would like to contribute to the community, I w
  4. Biggest +1, Keta is a really great guy overall. Active Mature Known in the community Friendly A Great EM Much more.
  5. +1, A great inquisitor. Great guy Friendly Mature Known in the community
  6. Sad to see you go man, I'll miss you.
  7. Banned for RDMing me 20 times when I was in Government
  8. Oh yeah, Sorry about that. I'll do it now Thanks for telling c:
  9. I'm sorry, I'll be more active and If I need to go inactive again, I'll be sure I'll tell everyone I know, But I probably won't go inactive for a long time. Thanks for reviewing my application.
  10. About me being staff on both servers, On "Hyplex" I resigned from being a staff member on their's server long time ago, You can also check on their forum that I don't have the rank of Moderator anymore. I also stopped playing DarkRP long time ago too. When I've gone inactive for 3 weeks, It's urgent for me, I wouldn't go inactive if I'm able to. And about the "Innovative gaming" I left because I never played on that server because I decided to move to IG and like this server more and also, It's an UK server so it would be a problem for me as the timezone is different. I'm also trying to get my
  11. Thanks Butcher! I appreciate it c: [Maybe join Emerald's lounge again?]
  12. Thanks! I'm thinking of some uniques PAC creations.
  13. Big -1 Low Detailed App. No PAC Creations ^ This is not the answer you should put in, You said it. You don't deserve it. The reason "I just want to try using PAC" is not the answer to this question. No experience on using PAC3 A bit new to the server I really don't know you. You should learn how to use PAC3 first, It's not that hard if you try. Improve your application and find a better reason for why do you believe you deserve PAC. You also can make the app looks greater by adding colours and stuff and maybe talk to people more so a lot of people know
  14. I'll miss you Pavonis ;-; See you later man c:
  15. Thanks! You're a great guy too, Good luck on your PAC3 Application buddy.
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