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  1. Biggest +1 for Lyric, As I was in Shock I know how hard is it to get promoted.

    Being a Lance Corporal doesn't mean he doesn't need PAC.

    PAC is to improve roleplay, And being a Lance Corporal doesn't mean he can't roleplay, He's a great roleplayer,

    And him having PAC3 Tier one would help him more with roleplaying, Shock also have to roleplay. Even though he's only the rank of Lance Corporal.

    When I was in Shock/Riot I was only a Private First Class and I'm also roleplaying with my PAC. 

    From my experience with him inside the regiment of Shock/Riot,

    He has been a great trooper and overall is a great man, He's really friendly and he wouldn't abuse PAC whatsoever.

    PAC Creations are also creative, And he really did try to ask people how to use PAC, He has the determination to learn about PAC and apply for PAC.

    His playtime is great for me, He's active on the server, I see him online every day and he is loyal to the community.

    His application is also well written and have some details in it, As all the reasons stated above, I'll be giving Lyric a biggy big "+1".



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  2. 12 minutes ago, Emerald said:


    Demonic may have only came back from the previous server, He's been trusted with PAC3 on there aswell and during my 'little visit' I had there he was honestly really good with it.

    • PACS - In my opinion, They are really creative and I would love to see them on the server.
    • Playtime - Before you left, you said you accumulated around a month of playtime, Which is quite good.
    • Trustworthy - I would never think for a second that Demonic would abuse PAC3, He's one of the most responsible people I personally know.

    Good Luck.


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  3. On 6/10/2018 at 9:47 AM, Emerald said:


    I just believe you’re not that mature for the role, However the rest of the application is quite good.

    If you can improve, I will be more than happy to change my answer.

    ^ -1, I don't think you're mature enough for the role. Imprvoe and I would consider changing my response to Neutral/+1.

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  4. 5 hours ago, Emerald said:


    Myn is one of the most mature people I know, He would make an absolutely great Event Master.

    • Mature.
    • Active.
    • Creative.
    • Detailed Application.

    Good Luck.

    A really great friend, He's really kind and mature.

    Biggest +1

  5. Charles, I don't think you suit the job of Developer because the reasons stated below.

    • I think you didn't make that yourself, I think it's from the command "!jobgen" which is to create jobs. It's really easy to use and it will give you some lua stuff like this.
    • Low Detailed Application
    • I don't really know you
    • Low playtime


    For now.

    Good luck with your application, Please show us something that you really made.




  6. On 5/25/2018 at 3:18 PM, EpicEzale said:

    +1 Your PAC3 application is good, you seem like a good player (don't know you that well - my fault) but you definitely need to make better PAC3 creations. The one you have now is very simple. I would recommend making some more PAC3 creations even if they are not on your regiment's model. If you need help with PAC3 creations I would recommend you go to the PAC3 hub. On the PAC3 hub there is SO MANY useful PAC3 tutorials it will help you out a lot.


    Here is the PAC3 Hub


    ^ Biggest +1,

    Great Commander of Chimaera Squad.

  7. Sol, At the time I don't think you would fit the rank of a Moderator.

    -1, For now.

    • First of all, When you were an ST Private, You entered 212th tryout for no reasons, I warned you 3 times then call an AOS on you. But you decided to yell at me and call an admin saying you have "PTE" and almost got Adam in trouble.
    • Second of all, I don't think you're mature enough, too. As when you're in ISB as Agent Kallus, You decided to "meme" and cuffed a Navy for no reason, The proof here. I also told you to go to the Navy as they're calling ISB, But you decided to cuff the Navy instead.


    • Third of all, When you were the SW Commander, You decided to leave because you're "sick" of being a Commander. Being a Commander, Meaning you have time for the server, You're mature enough to help the member of the regiment, But because you decided to leave because you're "sick" being a Commander, Which leads me to think that you're not Mature enough for now.
    • Also, In Inquisitor tryout, You failed and you talked when you died, Which is FailRP. You started to Disrespect the guy who killed you saying "Fucking bitch", "For fuck sake", "How about a fucking rematch?". 

    But, If you could change yourself to not be a "memer" or a "minge", I would like to change my response from a -1 to +1.




  8. 5 hours ago, Anthony said:


    I personally think Pavonis is a really kind and helpful person, and that if he is going to be coming back, I see no problem him getting staff, i know people are saying -1 because he left recently, but if hes back for good, I think he deserves it


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