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  1. Allucious

    goodbye the bois

    yeah, i'm leaving the server, i got hella bored of garry's mod, i have nothing to do on gmod anymore. and i'm HELLA addicted to fortnite rn so.. goodbye everyone. luv u all maybe i'll come back thx bye thanks to the big bois emerald, adam, marlin (biggest minge + meme) , ramirez, carnicake, pinecone, kamelieon, phanra and those who i forgot to mention and everyone on the server. i'll be walking around the ship as a st private sometimes. say hi to me when u sees me. goodbye d bois.
  2. yeah, soo.. as you can see, we can roleplay on steam now.... just do /me [actions] h a v e f u n please help oh wait, i posted this in the wrong subforums
  3. Allucious

    Pavonis's PAC3 Application

    A -1 for saying something incorrectly is a bit much. I'm giving Pav a +1.
  4. Allucious

    the real new ig logo (shitpostn't)

    Pure Art. this should be the new ig logo
  5. Allucious

    Bevan's PAC3 Tier One Application (V2)

    -1 a meme +2 for being a good jawa pet
  6. Allucious

    Heading Overseas

    see ya, Have a great trip Bossky. why are you leaving me
  7. Allucious

    Kami's Pac3 Tier 1 Application

    As Whitey denied you because of your playtime, He said to apply when you meets the requirement which is one week. And you currently have 1 week of playtime, So you may apply now.
  8. Allucious

    Kami's Pac3 Tier 1 Application

    I don't think you can take the post down because negative comments, If you do that you will have to reapply in 2 weeks or more.
  9. Allucious

    Stepping down from EM

    It's alright Freeman, I know it's hard for you. I was a staff on some server and I can't even go to the Staff meeting, Which leads me to almost get kicked out, But I decided to resign. Good luck.
  10. Allucious

    Staff Report - Sudo Kye

    As pinejack and Basil said, I don't think Sudo is doing anything wrong. -1.
  11. I've lost interest in Star Wars roleplay recently, So I'll be taking a break, Probably more than 10 days, or 20. I don't really know. And no, I'm not leaving Imperial Gaming. I've just lost interest in SWRP/Garry's mod at the moment. I'll be around the forums though, Maybe I'll get on IG for like 10-20 minutes? If you would like to play any games with me, Feel free to contact me. even minecraft or roblox. (i have some good amount of robux too) I'm really into Fortnite and Warframe at the moment. See you later. yes, for real this time no dramatic stuff, sorry
  12. Allucious

    New Advertising Team Branch

    hey, that's a good idea. +1 maybe talk to pinecone(jack) about it?
  13. Allucious

    Kendricks Goodbye

    Farewell Kendrick. I remember when I first joined and I don't really know anything about the server, You helped me with some stuff, Thanks. It was really great having you, Good luck man. o7
  14. Allucious

    Emerald's Support Team Application

    Biggest +1 Emerald would be a great asset for the Support Team.
  15. Allucious

    Kujo/Carolina's PAC3 Application

  16. Allucious

    Unofficial Game Night's

    Name : Allucious Discord Name : Allucious Game Request : -Fortnite -Garry's Mod -Unturned -Terraria -Arma 3 -Brawlhalla Games you play : All of the above ^
  17. Allucious

    Morgan's Event Master Application

    +1, didn't know i haven't +1ed the app lul
  18. Allucious

    Ramirez's Trial Moderator Application

  19. Allucious

    Advertising team app - James

    +1 I've seen his building skills and it's good. He have knowledge of how to use tools and how to build. He's also a really great guy.
  20. - GENERAL TEMPLATE - What is your Steam name?: [IG] Allucious What is your current in-game name?: [ARC] Allucious What is your current in-game rank?: Initiate What is your current playtime on the server?: 3 Weeks and 3 days. [BEFORE MAJOR RESET + CURRENT PLAYTIME] What is your current overall playtime on Garry's Mod?: I currently have 1,417 hours of Garry's Mod overall playtime. Do you have a microphone?: No, I do not have a microphone, Although I'm a fast typer. Do you have any kicks, bans or warnings from anywhere on Imperial Gaming?: No, I currently do not have any Kicks, Ban or warnings on any of Imperial Gaming's server. Why do you believe you would be an asset to the team?: I can get my tasks done properly, I always look out for my mistakes and willing to fix it. I'm willing to help the members of the team whenever they ask. I've been recording since I was young, Even though if it's for entertaining I've gained some experience from it. Do you understand that as a member of the advertisement team, you may have to put in long hours into various projects?: Yes, I do understand that I have to put in long hours into various projects and I'm willing to do it. How well do you work with others in a team?: I can work with anyone, I'm willing to. I'm a friendly guy and that working as a team wouldn't affect me at all. How much time can you offer to the team in an average week?: I'm online every day, I can give as much time as the team would like. I'm really active and I can get my tasks done properly. Is there anything else you would like to add?: Thank you for taking your time to read my application, I wish others applicants the best of luck, Thank you. - FILMERS TEMPLATE - What software do you use to record?: I'm currently using Action! for recording, And OBS for Streaming through youtube. How much experience do you have with filming?: I have been recording Counter-Strike: Global Offensive a year ago, Making videos about it. Although I have removed all the videos, If you wish to see my channel, Please message me through private messages. What other software do you use to aid with recording?: I've been using Action! and OBS only, I used to use Fraps but It's not as good as Action!, So I stopped using it and uses Action! instead. Have you recorded things in the past? If so, please link them here.: Yes, I've recorded Counter-Strike: Global Offensive videos and uploaded onto youtube, Although I've removed it already. But I can show you my recording experience. Why do you want to become a filmer?: I wish to become a flimer because I know how to record videos as I've recorded and edited some videos before. I wish to help the advertisement team with its works and projects, making sure that I'm doing as much as I can and I wish to use my talents on recording to benefit the Community. I also enjoy recording and making videos and this would benefit the team, As I won't get bored of it quickly. I'm willing to help the team and I would do my best at doing my job. I've been recording myself playing games since I'm young, Although I don't really post it on youtube, It's just for entertaining. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ TERMS OF APPLICATION By submitting this application, I understand that I am a representative of the Imperial Gaming Community and that my actions both as a part of this community and within other communities may affect the results of this application. I understand that advertising this application in any way may result in an instant denial of the application. I understand that if this application is denied, I must wait a minimum of two weeks before applying again. I understand that once this application is posted, I must wait seven days after the last reply in order to bump the post unless it is to notify players of a significant update. I understand that I may not respond to my own application unless it is a notification of updated information and that any form of argument within this application may result in instant denial of the application and punishments may be handed out. I understand that if I am accepted for this role that it is not an actual staff rank and that I will gain no benefits resulting from this new position. I understand that I must notify the chain of command if I will be absent for more than five days and that I must organise my projects to progress even if I am not present to oversee them.
  21. Allucious

    Allucious' Advertisement Team Application (Flimer)

    UPDATE Now known as Initiate Allucious [ Inquisitors ]
  22. Allucious

    Outback Tier 1 Application