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  1. You know it, Vanilla is bad, Chocola is better.
  2. I'll crush you with my fat body, Cornflake. That is correct. Why? Because I am fatter than him.
  3. I strongly disagree, he's an idiot and he's fat.
  4. No, it is not, I can ignore this post, idiot.
  5. I'm gwad thwat uwu gwuys are hwapwy rweadwinv thwiis OwO!
  6. Imagine reading a post, but over the course of it the quality seems to deteriorate and it gets wose an wose, where the swenetence stwucture and gwammer rewerts to a pwoint of uttew non swence, an u jus dont wanna wead it anymwore (o´ω`o) awd twa wol owdewl iws jus awfwul (´・ω・`);. bwt tw powost iwswnwt obwer nyet, it gwos own an own an own an own. uwu wanyaa stwop weadwing bwut uwu cwant stop wewding, uwu stwartd thwis awnd ur gwoing two fwinibsh it nowo mwattew wat! uwu hab mwoxie kwiddowo, bwut uwu wibl gwib ub sowon. i cwan wite wike dis fwor owors, swo dwont cwalengbe mii..
  7. yeah, i'm leaving the server, i got hella bored of garry's mod, i have nothing to do on gmod anymore. and i'm HELLA addicted to fortnite rn so.. goodbye everyone. luv u all maybe i'll come back thx bye thanks to the big bois emerald, adam, marlin (biggest minge + meme) , ramirez, carnicake, pinecone, kamelieon, phanra and those who i forgot to mention and everyone on the server. i'll be walking around the ship as a st private sometimes. say hi to me when u sees me. goodbye d bois.
  8. yeah, soo.. as you can see, we can roleplay on steam now.... just do /me [actions] h a v e f u n please help oh wait, i posted this in the wrong subforums
  9. A -1 for saying something incorrectly is a bit much. I'm giving Pav a +1.
  10. Pure Art. this should be the new ig logo
  11. -1 a meme +2 for being a good jawa pet
  12. As Whitey denied you because of your playtime, He said to apply when you meets the requirement which is one week. And you currently have 1 week of playtime, So you may apply now.
  13. I don't think you can take the post down because negative comments, If you do that you will have to reapply in 2 weeks or more.
  14. As pinejack and Basil said, I don't think Sudo is doing anything wrong. -1.
  15. hey, that's a good idea. +1 maybe talk to pinecone(jack) about it?
  16. I've lost interest in Star Wars roleplay recently, So I'll be taking a break, Probably more than 10 days, or 20. I don't really know. And no, I'm not leaving Imperial Gaming. I've just lost interest in SWRP/Garry's mod at the moment. I'll be around the forums though, Maybe I'll get on IG for like 10-20 minutes? If you would like to play any games with me, Feel free to contact me. even minecraft or roblox. (i have some good amount of robux too) I'm really into Fortnite and Warframe at the moment. See you later. yes, for real this time no dramatic stuff
  17. Farewell Kendrick. I remember when I first joined and I don't really know anything about the server, You helped me with some stuff, Thanks. It was really great having you, Good luck man. o7
  18. Biggest +1 Emerald would be a great asset for the Support Team.
  19. +1, didn't know i haven't +1ed the app lul
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