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  1. As a previous Commanding officer of SCAR and someone who has very fond memories of it. I'll say it right now, there is no place for SCAR in the current state of the server. SCAR were a recon reg with snipers and cloak. So unless they are reformed for a new purpose or with a new kit, theres no way of implementing them without stepping on the toes of Storm Commandos and Compforce. Recon is already hardly utilised in events with the 4 squads that are currently meant for it, adding a 5th isn't going to help. Shadow is likely to run into many of the same issues here should it be implemented.
  2. Steam Name: Red :( SteamID32: STEAM_0:0:60742511 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198081750750/ In Game Name: DeeDee Time Played Imperial RP: 1 Week Time Played Imperial RP Evidence Have you used PAC3 Before? Yes Why should you be trusted with PAC3? I am a returning player from 2018. I was granted PAC3 back
  3. I've been having to deal with a Mic-less rickle since I recruited the bastard into SCAR roughly this time last year. GET THAT MAN A MIC
  4. I would highly recommend a complete re-write of your application if you are serious and determined to join the Event Master team. Go ahead and visit the accepted section for inspiration, and a proper idea of the amount of detail that is expected of you when applying. Also pay very close attention especially to what is needed when designing an event. At this current point in time, your events you have listed are nothing more than super brief over-views of a potential event. Please take the time to consider the following: - Plot (Beginning, Development, Ending) - Characters and t
  5. At this current point time there is no need nor use for something of this calibre. Not to mention management are currently doing their best to optimise the currently existing sub-regiments. As well as this, you have described them as a guarding sub-reg, which is odd for the 212th to have under their control. I just realised these are Clone models, and you are putting this up for the Imperial section? -1
  6. "Been there, done that" - Half the server population at this point
  7. Imperial Security Bureau Document ID#: D726289304 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zqRED6937uUhi5GdcP9DrdpP2MR8kNygRmwzyrT_UZY/edit?usp=sharing (Not official ISB documentation, as I am no longer a part of ISB).
  8. +1 I don't really recognise you, but you are of a decent enough rank to prove you have a presence on the server Your pacs prove competence, just make sure you don't go overboard on the cybernetics if you are accepted. (Especially since you need RP behind cybernetics and modified weapons). Overall a pretty good app for tier 1, I'm sure you will continue to get better upon spending time with tier 1.
  9. aside from the current application plagiarism issue, -1. You have 3 hours play time, meaning there is no possible way you have made enough of an effort to become known in the community. Also, the one time I have seen you, you were mic spamming your "Nyah!". This is not how you should be acting as an ST. EDIT: After reviewing your posts on Snow's EM application. You don't seem to be able to get your story straight, and your overall behaviour on the forums is not one of high maturity. Furthermore, if you knew that you would be accused of forgery, why didn't you just write a new application
  10. Being someone who has run hostage events in the past, the issue is not fully on the event characters. Time are time after time we have sith just walk up to us and get in our face. There is nothing we can do, because shooting at them gets us all killed, and leaving them there just ruins the situation entirely. I've had an entire regiment in cuffs locked up in a room, only for Vader to just walk in and sit there staring at us. It also doesn't help that most people don't care if they die, people don't treat death as they should in RP. Most just walk straight up to the event characters and lo
  11. At the request of Management I'm taking away this portion of what I said, though a bit more may have to be done for all the quoting. However my -1 still stands. You are not a lost cause, you just need to try. Don't let this become your representation of your time on the server. Go back, look at the accepted section and take notes. You desperately need to re-write your application, and actually put effort in this time. You finally have a chance to redeem yourself as Nova Commander. If you can properly rise this reg off the ground and establish yourself as a mature and responsible pla
  12. -1 I don't trust your maturity due to past experience.
  13. ISB is looking for new personnel to enlist in the Imperial Security Bureau. We are looking for capable members who are up to the challenge of navigating potentially dangerous RP situations, have a great mind for problem solving, and detective skills to follow. ISB is an RP heavy branch, so ensure you have thought over your decision thoroughly before applying. Also, if you apply, you are expected to be ready to enlist upon demand, no "I've changed my mind" business unless you have come to us to cancel your application before hand. If you have any questions regarding what would be expe
  14. I'm not going to leave my +/- just yet. I would like you to first add more to you answers. Most notably "What can you bring the EM team" and "What can you do to make events more innovative". I feel your answers a bit short and could use some addition.
  15. I never took the screen shot. I was at school so I just googled "Grand Moff Tarkin GMOD" and sure enough.
  16. -1 Most of the reasons already stated above, also there is no need to spam your own app with 3 comments for the same argument. When it comes to writing out your event and you see the words "Include a much detail as possible", you don't seem to understand exactly what is being asked for here. Go into the accepted EMs page and look at their applications to get an idea as to what is expected here. Because at the moment your application looks alot like the ones currently sitting in denied.
  17. Second freshly baked MS meme
  18. Freshly Baked in the MS Paint Oven
  19. +1 Not going to bother writing reasons why.
  20. I'm not really sure how I stand on this. Your events are well formatted, but especially in regards to the first one, there is not a whole lot more than go here shoot that, go there shoot that. Creating an event plan is one thing, but adapting it to Gmod is a whole 'nother story. In addition to my previous statement, it worries me that your gaming lingo is slack, NPCs stand for Non-Player Controlled. Yet you have referenced NPCs for player enemy roles. It is not this that directly curves my view, but the thought that you may not realise what you are trying to do here when given control of
  21. I thought I recognised that format.
  22. Still waiting on the Darth Jar Jar story. "Binks" A star wars story
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