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  1. I should be able to trust the management team not to go through my personal (key word is personal folks) messages.
  2. Don't think you realise the point.
  3. Can't believe this, you are ok with people reading through your private messages and invading your privacy because wolf feels too insecure about another server to respect my right to privacy. If not Illegal, it is pretty fucked up. @Wolf Close this.
  4. I am pointing out that I made an alt because I was left with no choice.
  5. Your thoughts regarding them seeing our private messages? Suprised you are content with it.
  6. Please notice how I have only posted here because I respect the rules and would rather keep it to the ban appeal forum.
  7. So I should stay perma banned because I made another account to appeal my ban?
  8. Mate... I made this alt 10 minutes ago because they perma Banned my first for advertising, can't really post on that account
  9. As for why I alted, you banned my first account....
  10. Steam Name: Kix Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:114042335 In game name and rank: Riot Corp How long was the ban: Permanent Staff who banned you: Ridge When was the ban: Last night Reason for ban: Advertising Explain the situation: I get why I was banned, advertising. However I am disgusted that you go through players private messages, which is what you would of done to find this. I asked a very good mate if he was coming on another server via PM. (Due to my poor memory I am unsure if I told one or 2 of my mates but I think it was one, the ban itself uses players p
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