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  1. Proto_Carl

    Ramirez's Trial Moderator Application

  2. Proto_Carl

    Ramirez's Trial Moderator Application

    Don’t know much about you so I’ll give a 0.
  3. Proto_Carl

    Hammer's PAC3 Tier 1 Application

    It’s still a 0, his PAC3s aren’t worthy of recommendation but he isn’t a rule-breaker.
  4. Proto_Carl

    Francis’s PAC3 Tier 1 Application

    “Salutations soldiers and sirs. This document will be used for the purpose of explaining and corroborating why Francis should be given PAC3.” Steam Name: Passta G. Pocket-medic [IG] Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:91030228 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198142326185 In-game Name: Francis In-game Rank: Corporal In-game Regiment: Storm Troopers Time Played: 2 days, 22 hours (has been reset from an over two week gameplay record/Rank 78) Have you used PAC3 before? Yes, I have been equipped with it at a prior time on this server but it was removed for inexcusable inactivity. Why should you be trusted with PAC3? I have abused it before on this server, making my character too large and making a derogatory emperor PAC3. These problems were dealt with in Whitey’s care as he continually offered me support and patience throughout my experience on the server with PAC3. I can always make sure that the PAC3 I’m using does not overload people and catalyse lag within the range of my character. Though these are inconclusive statements and so I will make a covenant here: I swear that if I abuse PAC3 with full realisation being able to be proven, then I will forfeit my rank as a Tier 1 player. I went inactive because I felt as if all my past misdeeds had become too great to be minimised, and went away to try and better myself. This journey has proven very successful, and I am now a much more serious player within RP. Why do you want access to PAC3? To be able to enhance the RP environment of the server by creating PAC3 for others, and using it for my character’s aesthetics to be improved with minor adjustments. This would include: in-lore character creations, requests from others for PAC3 creations with subjective details, making my own character look more visually appealing and making PAC3 suit the role I undertake on the server within RP. Why do you deserve it? I have considerable skill within it and I am adept within the following areas of PAC3: model moulding, creating events, using bone merge effectively, using entity settings effectively, changing bone structure to improve aesthetics and creating colour markings. I have made PAC3s that showcase all of these attributes and will display them down below. I have lived up to every reason why I should be trusted with PAC3, and I will stop being inactive. I play as much as I can with school as an obstacle. PAC3: Photographic Documentation User Comments (Permission Given) (PM me short comments for this section) “Thank you for your time.”
  5. Proto_Carl

    Francis’s PAC3 Tier 1 Application

  6. Proto_Carl

    So I played Fortnite with Pinejack

    @pinejack WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?
  7. Proto_Carl

    Outback Tier 1 Application

    Outback is my sensei +1, spellings and punctuation is infantile -1, PAC3s are not that good -1, high rank +1. 0
  8. Proto_Carl

    My Resignation From the EM team

  9. Proto_Carl

    Eclipse pac3 - tier 1

    +1 for the red boi.
  10. Proto_Carl

    Snoozy PAC Application

    I have instinctual dislike for the word Snoozy so it’s probably because you were an ST and minged. Your PAC3 application has no detail and you don’t have a presence within the community. You do not deserve PAC3. -1
  11. Proto_Carl

    A Swift PAC App

    Poor presentation and pac3s, good man. 0
  12. Proto_Carl

    My age

    Dew it.
  13. Proto_Carl

    Waypoint system

    If it can be implemented into the compass addon then sure but we already have makeshift beacons that EMs can use. Adding something new can put strain on the server and so we need to evaluate if it is a necessary insertion.
  14. Proto_Carl

    My "Better"? IG Logo's / Designs

    Can you put IG on a decapitated emperor’s head?
  15. Proto_Carl

    Picking a new Imperial Awards Host

    Do that big alien head guy with the helmet.
  16. What It Means To Be A Minge, By A Minge Current In-game Name: Francis If I told you that I am a perfect player then I have lied. I am a minge, but before I never admitted it to myself and so there was nothing I could do. This doesn’t warrant me being forsaken to disappointing people forever or messing around all the time, but it does mean that I could slip back into my old habits easily and overnight. This has been the main reason why I have had such a hard time playing on IG, because I was never taught by anyone how to not be a minge. I was banned from a regiment for minging, kicked out a regiment for being offensive, and told that I was no good. The only person that ever helped me was Whitey because when push came to shove, for some reason he gave enough of a shit about me to put his faith in me. He forgave me when I made an emperor PAC3 with a giant penis, and after that the only problem was developing laggy PAC3s to be less impactful. It is a mystery to me why he did that, but that one action has built me into a better player. This culture of condemning young men and naming them as ‘minges’ leaves little room for them to move forward. For we all hold the same general morals and if people see themselves as violators of these principles, then why should they forgive themselves for breaking their own code? Even if I am a minge, I have a code that I value and break for fun. This is a duality of responsibility and pleasure, and even if you want to help a minge you may be doing more harm than good. If you tell them to stop minging, this doesn’t work. It is not a responsibility to stop minging, so the only logical thing to do is to keep giving in to pleasure. So how are we supposed to do something better? Well, this brings us to a quote of wisdom, “To help the poor man, you must be an example for him.” Minges are poor in self-control, and this is from personal experience of my own. The man who I think is an inspiration to me, is Blitz. He is sociable, skilled and dutiful (SENPAIIII), but most importantly he is not an opaque person. The hardest part of looking up to someone is not knowing where to look. Some people are so shrouded that you couldn’t say anything about them and so you can’t aim for improving yourself. We need more people (senpais) who are open to showing their true selves to others because this is what allows a community to develop. For example, I worked with my previous CO Morgan who kicked me from DT for about five weeks, and at the end of that I had no idea who he was. I still don’t. Who am I to look up to but my leader? When he removed me it was for old comments such as, “He’s just trying to tear me down” and another one which stated that I didn’t think he was a capable leader and I wanted to replace him. I didn’t know it at the time, but resentment breeds truth. Continual threats did not remedy my behaviour and ended in failure, but now we are here and can come to a solution even if this entire post is garbage. I am a fool, I am not capable of solving this on my own, but we as a community can find how to deal with minges that teaches them to manage their behaviour in a healthy/effective way. P.S bring back the rebel radio gag, and tell Cody to stop RDMing, it triggers me because he is an exceptional position to be an example to the WHOLE SERVER.
  17. Proto_Carl

    What It Means To Be A Minge, By A Minge

    The back handed compliment of truth.
  18. Proto_Carl

    What It Means To Be A Minge, By A Minge

    This thread is for solving the problem, not complaining about it. If you have deep hatred for an archetype that takes form within individuals, then that’s part of the problem and I need more information on that.
  19. Proto_Carl

    What It Means To Be A Minge, By A Minge

    This came from my need to help the STs learn to stop minging, because I always see them goofing off or getting distracted too easily. It’s very challenging but what do you think we can do about it?
  20. Proto_Carl

    Lil Burgers Tier 1 application

    -1 application writing is poor, -1 DT sitting on your backPAC3, +1 RP PAC3s, -1 boring PAC3s, +1 good RPer, +1 trusted. 0, CAN’T DECIDE.
  21. @Jman1308 As she buttered our toast and buttoned our coats, here's what my mother would say, We all need a hug in the morning and one at the end of the day
  22. Proto_Carl

    What It Means To Be A Minge, By A Minge

    I’ve figured out this problem, it’s just like real life. Help those who want to change/fix themselves, and use the system we already have to deal with stubborn ones who don’t want to change. Though this is where providing an example probably comes into play. Looking back on it the kick from DT was beneficial but I am now looking to move past it because it’s not right to think the reasons for the kick are true anymore. Sometimes I minge like on guard duty when I make weird noises to goof around, but that’s when I know I can limit the impact. P.S on a different server I got kicked from ARC after doing 20 laps of the main hangar on venator_extensive cuffed to stay in so feelsgoodman.
  23. Proto_Carl

    Hammer's PAC3 Tier 1 Application

    -1 never lets me guard, -1 PAC3s are boring and could break the rule of looking like your regiment, +1 trusted within the community, +1 high rank. 0
  24. Proto_Carl

    Bossk PAC3 [ Application ]

    +1, enhances RP.
  25. Proto_Carl

    Francis’s PAC3 Tier 1 Application

    You still have no proof of me abusing PAC3, so your points are pointless. You can’t even name a way I abused it except the emperor incident. You saying I haven’t changed is a lie, you have no evidence of behaviour that links back to what you’re saying from the moment I joined back. You aren’t entitled to your opinion if it can’t be corroborated, and don’t act like you respect privacy, you just blatantly showed my private message. I haven’t stated what I want so far though and so I will make it clear. I want you to stop acting out of disbelief and resentment towards me because you aren’t solving the problems you are mentioning, you are only being complacent and disregarding my will to be better. I will give you what you want if you give me what you want, I promise.