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  1. 8 hours ago, Nicholxs said:

    Hey, the first -1 has nothing to do with Hammers PAC3 application, and with the second one makes no sense. I suggest you grow up.

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    not trying to be rude just our thing!

    Anyways, +1 well written application and amazing pac3s. Good luck!

    It’s still a 0, his PAC3s aren’t worthy of recommendation but he isn’t a rule-breaker.

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  2. I have instinctual dislike for the word Snoozy so it’s probably because you were an ST and minged. Your PAC3 application has no detail and you don’t have a presence within the community. You do not deserve PAC3.



  3. If it can be implemented into the compass addon then sure but we already have makeshift beacons that EMs can use. Adding something new can put strain on the server and so we need to evaluate if it is a necessary insertion.

  4. 5 hours ago, Demonic said:


    I mean sure, people having fun are now being classed as 'mingey'. But if you want to have some fun you're going to have to join some of the 'mingey're' regiments. That's just how it is. And while I can kinda agree with what you're saying, all I can really see i someone being self-aware. I wish i could say differently, but I can't. Most people are either here to escape or stop others from escaping. Not to name names. And when the negative perspective of the position from which you're speaking on behalf of come to belittle me and others and promote suicide and rape and violence. That really deepens my hatred for minges.

    Sorry if this isn't what you wanted to hear. But yeah.

    This thread is for solving the problem, not complaining about it. If you have deep hatred for an archetype that takes form within individuals, then that’s part of the problem and I need more information on that.

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  5. 6 hours ago, SCHEFF said:

    This is a new breed - the indecisive semi-minge who is great at essay writing. 

    I scoff in your face. 


    Alright, that was a SEMI-joke, I'll be honest. To further my honesty, I'll admit that kind of person is me and, to some degree, we are all that despite how professional we want to be. But now time to be serious. 

    I understand and somewhat agree with your message but during my more than one year term as staff I have had countless experiences with and therefore interpretations of minges. And to be honest, have grown quite tired of them, as perhaps eluded to by my statement above. This is not to be any personal attack or anything but instead a bit of insight with a bit of wit thrown in (it's early in morning, my mind is in a weird spot) 

    Maybe it was just me, but if I did something wrong or stupid and people told the teachers at school or my parents and school, they would tell me off and, funnily enough, I would listen. Maybe I needed some spaced out reminders sometimes but otherwise I would get the message quite clearly that what I did was bad or against the rules and I wouldn't do it again. Even if my mates brought me up on something, I would take it seriously (not saying you don't), you just have to listen and have some common sense.

    You were bound to get punished and kicked out of regiments for what you did and, unfortunately, stuff like that will put you at a disadvantage in regards to your reputation and you just have to build up from there. If you have truly changed or want to change, you will need to prove it in-game, not by writing an essay on the forums in an effort to clear your name. 

    Regardless of my, in hindsight, hostility (I'm tired and wrote this on a phone, I might touch up on it later), I wish you the best of luck in doing better for yourself and spreading your message.

    This came from my need to help the STs learn to stop minging, because I always see them goofing off or getting distracted too easily. It’s very challenging but what do you think we can do about it?

  6. 1 hour ago, Lincoln said:

    As a member of the staff team, my main task is to prevent minges from ruining the experience of players that are there to have fun. As time goes on, it becomes easier to recognise people that don't have the communities best interests in mind. All that aside, I wholeheartedly agree with your message in this post. It is true that people make mistakes, it is also true that people have the power to change. Just because some poor judgment calls were made in the past, doesn't mean that people around the server should look at them any differently for the rest of their days, provided that they prove to the community that they are changing their ways for the better. Although, there is one thing in your post I would like to clear up...

    I, as Director Krennic, was the one who requested that Morgan remove you from DT. Not because you thought that Morgan was a bad CO and wanted to replace him, but because DT wasn't a great fit for you at the time. Your general conduct did not suit that of a worthwhile member of the Death Trooper regiment. I won't go into any specifics here, but if you have any questions feel free to message me on the forums. That being said, you definitely have the capacity to move past those events, and you have already begun to. I truly believe that everyone and anyone deserves some form of a second chance.

    I’ve figured out this problem, it’s just like real life. Help those who want to change/fix themselves, and use the system we already have to deal with stubborn ones who don’t want to change. Though this is where providing an example probably comes into play. Looking back on it the kick from DT was beneficial but I am now looking to move past it because it’s not right to think the reasons for the kick are true anymore. Sometimes I minge like on guard duty when I make weird noises to goof around, but that’s when I know I can limit the impact.


    P.S on a different server I got kicked from ARC after doing 20 laps of the main hangar on venator_extensive cuffed to stay in so feelsgoodman.

  7. What It Means To Be A Minge, By A Minge

    Current In-game Name: Francis

    If I told you that I am a perfect player then I have lied. I am a minge, but before I never admitted it to myself and so there was nothing I could do. This doesn’t warrant me being forsaken to disappointing people forever or messing around all the time, but it does mean that I could slip back into my old habits easily and overnight. This has been the main reason why I have had such a hard time playing on IG, because I was never taught by anyone how to not be a minge. I was banned from a regiment for minging, kicked out a regiment for being offensive, and told that I was no good. The only person that ever helped me was Whitey because when push came to shove, for some reason he gave enough of a shit about me to put his faith in me. He forgave me when I made an emperor PAC3 with a giant penis, and after that the only problem was developing laggy PAC3s to be less impactful. It is a mystery to me why he did that, but that one action has built me into a better player.


     This culture of condemning young men and naming them as ‘minges’ leaves little room for them to move forward. For we all hold the same general morals and if people see themselves as violators of these principles, then why should they forgive themselves for breaking their own code? Even if I am a minge, I have a code that I value and break for fun. This is a duality of responsibility and pleasure, and even if you want to help a minge you may be doing more harm than good. If you tell them to stop minging, this doesn’t work. It is not a responsibility to stop minging, so the only logical thing to do is to keep giving in to pleasure. So how are we supposed to do something better? Well, this brings us to a quote of wisdom, “To help the poor man, you must be an example for him.” Minges are poor in self-control, and this is from personal experience of my own.


     The man who I think is an inspiration to me, is Blitz. He is sociable, skilled and dutiful (SENPAIIII), but most importantly he is not an opaque person. The hardest part of looking up to someone is not knowing where to look. Some people are so shrouded that you couldn’t say anything about them and so you can’t aim for improving yourself. We need more people (senpais) who are open to showing their true selves to others because this is what allows a community to develop. For example, I worked with my previous CO Morgan who kicked me from DT for about five weeks, and at the end of that I had no idea who he was. I still don’t. Who am I to look up to but my leader? When he removed me it was for old comments such as, “He’s just trying to tear me down” and another one which stated that I didn’t think he was a capable leader and I wanted to replace him. I didn’t know it at the time, but resentment breeds truth.


     Continual threats did not remedy my behaviour and ended in failure, but now we are here and can come to a solution even if this entire post is garbage. I am a fool, I am not capable of solving this on my own, but we as a community can find how to deal with minges that teaches them to manage their behaviour in a healthy/effective way.




    P.S bring back the rebel radio gag, and tell Cody to stop RDMing, it triggers me because he is an exceptional position to be an example to the WHOLE SERVER.


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  8. 16 hours ago, Morgan said:




    When you had PAC access there were CONSTANT complaints about your PACS creating FPS drops and lag. You abused PAC and you’ve been warned by staff about your PACs multiple times with you contuning to break PAC rules. At times your PACs even broke the immersion of some members of the community. Even early on you broke PAC rules when you changed your model to Palpatine, resized yourself, and added things that would not be considered appropriate to the model. I have screenshots of this but as I write this I don’t have the time to look for them. The image below is from one of Whitey’s responses to your post about SCAR and TF99



    I'd like to point out a few things:

    • You stated that there were 10 people on the time and admit to the fact that it was wrong. Keep in mind you don't need to follow RP rules under twenty players but you MUST follow server rules at all times. What you were doing was a breach of those rules.
    • You mention that I "failed to address all the positive aspects of my application, you didn't make sure to explain how I was removed from PAC3 only for inactivity and you haven't provided evidence for these claims"
      • One, I did provide the image above, and about the constant complaints? Go around and ask the old DT and ISB. They were quite annoyed by it. I also don't need to show you screenshots as those people DM'd me said complaints and as such I will keep them private. 
      • Two, I don't need to explain why you were removed from PAC Tier 1 access, that's not the point of this response. My point is that you abused it in the past, how it was removed is with you and the management team, not me and has really nothing to do with my response as I am only pointing out what you've done in the past, not the consequences of what you did.
      • Three, positive aspects? I didn't bother with your positive aspects because in my view you haven't changed whatsoever. As soon as I kicked you out of DT you were disrespectful and toward myself and the rest of the DT. Once you joined back the server you immediately went ahead and messaged DT if you could join back even though you were told multiple times that you are blacklisted from the regiment due to PAC Abuse, Insubordination, and your mingey behavior. 
      • Finally, I would like to present the DM you sent me over Personal Messanger here on the forums. -IMAGE-
        • That image presents your private response to me after I posted this and after Emerald quoted it. You proceed to state that Whitey's claim was before you fixed your PAC. Yes, but the process (At least what I was told, cannot confirm this 100%) that it was a long process with Whitey having to talk to you multiple times. (Again cannot 100% confirm this)
        • You stated that you mentioned the Emperor PAC in your application. I'm aware, but nonetheless its an example of you abusing PAC that I wanted to point out in my response.
        • You also state that "You're points are pointless, ..." First off, I am entitled to an opinion and they are not pointless. There were many accounts of you abusing PAC that should have been included. I went ahead and pointed them out as they were important.
        • You then proceed to state "just -1 and stop living in the past, ridiculous." One, your past behavior is very important especially for your second PAC application, so I'm not just gonna -1 and go. Second off, that is in no way ridiculous. Just because you don't like the fact that I'm not supporting your application doesn't mean it's ridiculous. You abused PAC a ton in the past and you brought very little of the story to light. You've also shown in the past that you aren't very tolerant of other people's opinions. -IMAGE-,  That was a response to a post by pinejack when you were attempting to get something for DT under the command of Colonel @Twinkie 

    I am sticking to my current response with my view that this application should not be accepted. I will no longer be commenting on this application to prevent any further arguments. 

    You still have no proof of me abusing PAC3, so your points are pointless. You can’t even name a way I abused it except the emperor incident. You saying I haven’t changed is a lie, you have no evidence of behaviour that links back to what you’re saying from the moment I joined back. You aren’t entitled to your opinion if it can’t be corroborated, and don’t act like you respect privacy, you just blatantly showed my private message.

     I haven’t stated what I want so far though and so I will make it clear. I want you to stop acting out of disbelief and resentment towards me because you aren’t solving the problems you are mentioning, you are only being complacent and disregarding my will to be better. I will give you what you want if you give me what you want, I promise.