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  1. I’d just get a stormtrooper amour kit just to walk around in going to the movies or whatever.
  2. ISB agent Lincoln Myers was a man who specialised in torture. His method was to create a system of anti-habit, where his victims would be starved in cages, whipped against walls. They weren't permitted breath, lowering and heightening the oxygen in the pressure chambers he put them in; making their blood rush to only collide with the false peace that would follow. He reeducated more than 600 rebels this way. He wasn't permitted to be off-duty for longer than two weeks a year but he always did his best to see his children every month and would speak to his wife through a holo-pad when he had ti
  3. Live, love and forget. He doesn't know you and you don't know him. Therefore this is not a personal attack towards you, which some previous comments implied, creating more emotional confusion. Kristopher has worked hard as an event master, so the fact he is a staff member should not be used so lightly. There is no way that his sacrifices as an event master of his time and energy can be overlooked for saying what he said. He himself took the initiative to create a dialogue between you and him, recognising the fault of his actions, which can be seen in the comments. I myself have said offensive
  4. If it can be implemented into the compass addon then sure but we already have makeshift beacons that EMs can use. Adding something new can put strain on the server and so we need to evaluate if it is a necessary insertion.
  5. Do that big alien head guy with the helmet.
  6. This thread is for solving the problem, not complaining about it. If you have deep hatred for an archetype that takes form within individuals, then that’s part of the problem and I need more information on that.
  7. This came from my need to help the STs learn to stop minging, because I always see them goofing off or getting distracted too easily. It’s very challenging but what do you think we can do about it?
  8. @Jman1308 As she buttered our toast and buttoned our coats, here's what my mother would say, We all need a hug in the morning and one at the end of the day
  9. I’ve figured out this problem, it’s just like real life. Help those who want to change/fix themselves, and use the system we already have to deal with stubborn ones who don’t want to change. Though this is where providing an example probably comes into play. Looking back on it the kick from DT was beneficial but I am now looking to move past it because it’s not right to think the reasons for the kick are true anymore. Sometimes I minge like on guard duty when I make weird noises to goof around, but that’s when I know I can limit the impact. P.S on a different server I got kicked fr
  10. What It Means To Be A Minge, By A Minge Current In-game Name: Francis If I told you that I am a perfect player then I have lied. I am a minge, but before I never admitted it to myself and so there was nothing I could do. This doesn’t warrant me being forsaken to disappointing people forever or messing around all the time, but it does mean that I could slip back into my old habits easily and overnight. This has been the main reason why I have had such a hard time playing on IG, because I was never taught by anyone how to not be a minge. I was banned from a regiment for minging, kicked
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