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  1. No it was me I was asking for my own comment to be deleted XD. Just to keep things tidy.
  2. I’d just get a stormtrooper amour kit just to walk around in going to the movies or whatever.
  3. -1. The PAC3s are low effort. You wanting to further your RP is okay but what about the RP of others? I don’t see a contribution to the atmosphere of the server possibly coming through your addition to the PAC3 team. I’ll consider changing to a +1 if you show more impressive PAC3s and describe how you’ll contribute.
  4. ISB agent Lincoln Myers was a man who specialised in torture. His method was to create a system of anti-habit, where his victims would be starved in cages, whipped against walls. They weren't permitted breath, lowering and heightening the oxygen in the pressure chambers he put them in; making their blood rush to only collide with the false peace that would follow. He reeducated more than 600 rebels this way. He wasn't permitted to be off-duty for longer than two weeks a year but he always did his best to see his children every month and would speak to his wife through a holo-pad when he had ti
  5. I added a few more if you want to check them out
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