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  1. 2 on both sides. The controls are just on one side to make things easier.
  2. Live meaning I released the new version to the public. Also I've hotfixed the issues. So both the normal and infinite versions should be working without issues now.
  3. Again big thanks to KingPommes. I got to use his interactive control panel models and made some new skins for it. I'm now using these panels as replacements to some of my old big ugly solid colour buttons. I probably won't replace all the buttons in the upcoming update as it's a lot of work to replace all of them. So here are the new buttons in action in the Brig (also with Pommes' cool circle console models) and on the Sentinel holo projection.
  4. Already done. An earlier post describes the route. Alright no harm done.
  5. Here's some more previews. Extra TIE launch bay Maintenance area/ship super structure. This now connects to the vents and lowest deck. more angles of Main Generator When the Main Generator is turned off the blast doors and lifts lock. The buttons and lights will then be greyed out. New bed models made by KingPommes in the officers quarters, TIE pilot bunks and medbay. Small sparring room extension
  6. I've been talking to gusky about this. I'm thinking about it on what the best solution might be. There's plenty of spawns all over the map, and now spawns in the bunks at all. So if servers move players to that area and they get killed it's hardly my fault. The bunks are not really meant as spawns anyway.
  7. A good idea. Just a lot of work. I'd need to make sure nothing can be overridden and such. But in theory it would indeed be useful to have a number of controls all in one place.
  8. Indeed. It's safe to say that dynamic lights will never be a feature of this map. As you said, they are bad for performance. And in this engine they look terrible too. So it's just not going to happen.
  9. I hate to be a pedant, but it's the main generator, not the engine. The actual engine is not featured in the map When turning it off it doesn't just disable hyperspace but other systems as well because this is what generates power for the ship.
  10. Hello there! Yeah I've been posting a few screenshots on my Steam profile for a few days now, been hard at work on a new update. I originally just wanted to fix the lifts really quickly, but the update rapidly spiraled into a much larger update. And by now I've added a tonne of new cool features already. I'll do my best to keep the map stable and performing optimally. But one downside of adding more interactive things, is that it does require more memory for the map to run properly. The more cool things I add, the slower it will be on lower end PCs. Thanks! And yes, I've been quite busy the past week. Yes, because there's not supposed to be a Sith temple in a hallway Though if you look closely in the first picture Gusky posted, in the room in front of the Main Generator (cause that's the canon name) there is a lift on the left side of that room. That lift goes down to the old exterior Main Generator room. So in theory you could go around your precious Sith Temple by just using the lift. Since I've been getting so much requests for moving the medbay, I might change the location. But yes, right now they are in the same room as the old one. I'm not yet sure if I'll move the medbay for this update. But I have a few possible options for a new location (Not the location you guys are using though, because that's much too small). There's also some stuff I don't have any screenshots for yet. As Gusky said, I've added a fourth TIE launch bay next to the three that were already there. That hallway extension that is visible in the last screenshot in Gusky's post leads around the small hangar and goes directly to the lift in the back of the hangar behind the blast door. This will serve as a way in and out to the pilot bunks under the hangar in case the blast doors are locked. In the interior Main Generator room it's possible to turn off the generator. This stops it from turning, stops the sound. But this also locks all the multi floor lifts, closes and locks all blast doors, disables hyperspace, the buttons for those will be greyed out and freezes the security camera. Once the generator is turned on again all the things will be unlocked and turned on again as well. This can be fun for RP, but it also will serve as an in universe function to reset the lifts in case they break. These are just the things that I have already implemented. Among other things I'm also working on a model for the holo projection for the ISD status on the bridge. This same model will also be used for the fleet in space.
  11. This just means your Gmod is broken. The lighting is not broken as far as I know. This problem only appears when when a map does not have cubemaps. And the map has cubemaps built into the .bsp file so this problem should not exist. Just to be sure, for testing, try changing in the options between HDR and no HDR and see if that fixes it. If that fixes it, I made a mistake. If that doesn't then the problem is on your end.
  12. There is a button in the secret room now that turns it off. It's on by default because it's prettier. The host can turn that floor off on map spawn if they have trouble with FPS.
  13. Sorry but setting up a beta would only take a lot of time and it would push the actual release further away into the future. Finalising a map takes quite a lot of time. What I generally do is I get a final version ready and let one or two people I know really well test it. The medbay hasn't changed. I want to replace the bacta tanks and beds with new models though. But I'm not sure I will get around to do that for this update as I would still need to make those models. I want to give all the elevators an overhaul, but that might take so much time I'm not sure I will get around to do that for this update. So for the time being, these new elevators are just teleports like the old bridge elevator. And as to where they are. Think of the bridge layout, the door in the back that is closed right now. I've added a room behind that door, if you enter that room you will see two elevators on left and right. Both these elevators do the same, they go down one floor. If you go down in these elevators, you'll get to a room with three elevators. The two on the sides take you back up, and the one in the middle will take you down to the rest of the ship. This third elevator also replaces the old elevator that used to connect the bridge to the rest of the ship. On this floor that is directly below the bridge are the officers quarters. There are many, many control rooms. Where do you mean? Because often I've opted to leave spaces empty because this map pushes the Source engine to it's limits. I can only add so much. So in general I tend to make more unique rooms on one side rather than have mirror images on both sides, because that would mean I can't add as many new unique rooms.
  14. I don't see how that would make sense. It's pretty standard to speak to a crowd from one side, not two sides. This plaform is for all leaders, whether that be just an officer or Palpatine. Adding another balcony doesn't really make sense and it would also take up space that can be used for more troops. The Death Star is already in the map. And no it has never changed in era. This has always been a Galactic Civil War map since I started it back in 2010. I don't think travelator is a word. But I assume you mean the tram that goes to the small hangar. It's not broken, people just don't know how to use it, which is easy. Press the white button and press forward or backward (W or S). Easy. That being said, I have changed it so that in the next update you won't have to press W or S to move, you just press the arrow keys in the tram and it goes. Turning off the buttons might be a good idea. The trouble is timing that sort of thing, so it's a pain to make. I'm terribly sorry, but that is literally impossible. This ship is not full size, it's roughly one third the actual size due to engine map limits. As such the inside and outside don't exactly match since I can't make tiny hallways. So in some areas the interior is simplified to fit everything in. Due to the layout of the outside of the ship I cannot increase the size of the TIE launch bays. What I could theoretically do, is add 3 more to the left of the current ones. But other features have priority. They actually do fit in the very front. And they can take off from there as well. But indeed it is quite cramped. It's directly below the bridge. Please note that the officers quarters are still unfinished and a bit empty. They'll be prettier layer on. Also it's the Generator room, the engine is not featured in the map.
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