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  1. Here's a small update. The ship is nearing completion. I'm done modelling, now I just need to finish texturing. I made a few tweaks to the exterior texture. This is the default skin that's canon in lore (featured in a comic). There's I will be making a skin that resembles Kyle Katarn's old ship from Legends and there's another canon look that is similar to Kyle's ship but it's lighter and cleaner. So it will have at least 2 canon skins and one legends skin. But I kinda also want to make some extra custom skins. And I thought maybe you guys have some ideas on what type of skins you'd like to see and what colour schemes. Maybe a pirate skin or some other faction. Any suggestions? There will be two versions of the ship. One with cannon, and one without. And here are some previews of the interior of the ship. Note that the texturing inside is NOT FINISHED. Ive only started on the floor and walls and the other objects I have not started texturing yet, which is why they are placeholder light grey.
  2. The ship type of the Moldy Crow was made canon by comics. Sadly Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors are only legends at this point. The black skin you see in the screenshots is canon. But I will also be including a skin for the ship that resembles the legends paint job from Kyle Katarn's ship along with a bunch of extra skins of my own design for more variation. Also, the cockpit in the picture is actually a different ship. That's the Ravens Claw. It's actually out right now. Gusky also has no influence on when I release my maps. I generally don't do ETAs.
  3. And the map update is out! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=130083907 And here is the changelog. Version 2.510th anniversary update! The original release of beta 1 was back in the end of January 2010.Thanks to everyone for the support all these years!Fixes- Fixed some double doors not being openable with USE.- Improved AI/hint nodes so that NPCs can walk around the ship better.Changes- Completely removed old spawn/sparring room and remade a bigger one on deck 3. It includes 2 exits and an observation deck for officers.- Moved brig to the end of the same hallway so it's less in the way.- Made new models for the holoprojector and computer consoles to improve the visuals and make it more accurate to the films.- Replaced the old array on the bridge with a new model.- Improved lighting here and there.Additions- Added destroyable function to the shield domes- Added more functions in the generator room. Laser beams are turned off when power is down. These need to be turned back on manually. Made a fuel line retractable.- Added a retractable bridge to the generator room.- Added two hiding spots.- Added side room to the brig.- Added lifts to the bridge pits- Added an anniversary text in the secret room.
  4. Please note that those images are very early and not representative of the final ship.
  5. It has always been based on a class II. I don't intend to change that. In theory it's a cool idea to have a toggle that switches between the two types. But making the details for both ships is just way too much work. I can't even get around to making the details for one ship, let alone 2. This is part of why some of these updates take so long. It's not just the targeting array/comm tower and shield domes that are different. The turbolasers and other details are also different. The Chimaera marking on the bottom is also something that won't happen due to how the textures are set up. I would have to make really huge textures for that massively increasing the file size. So that's not practical. But I do plan on step by step replacing the old exterior to make it more accurate as well as more detailed. A destroyable comm tower however is something I have thought about. It's technically not hard to add. I just have to make a destroyed version of the model like I did with the domes. Maybe in the future but I don't consider it high priority... Unless I can find a good way to link it up with the shield domes so that I can actually have a deflector shield function. As in you'd have to destroy the domes first before you can destroy anything else. Right now the domes just get destroyed, but it doesn't have an effect outside of that.
  6. Thanks for the comments all! Glad to see you're liking the previews. And thanks to Gusky for making a comprehensive post on what's to be expected. Right now, I have just removed that whole room there. So there's just a corridor. Removing the room does open up a lot of potential space. So who knows, maybe in the future I will add something else there. This is a test build. As a result the lighting isn't as realistic or detailed. This impacts how models (arches in this case) are lit. Getting models to be lit correctly and blend into the rest of the map can sometimes be an issue. But yes the lighting will be better. Let me just clear this up so there is no confusion on this issue. Dynamic lights will never ever be added to this map. Personally I don't think dynamic lights add that much for impact it has on the performance of the map. Sure it can be fun for some scenarios of RP. But there are several big problems with dynamic lights in the Source engine. And by dynamic lights I mean any light that is cast by a light entity that changes. Lights that can be moved, turned off or changed in colour would all be dynamic. The lights in the map now are all static because they do not change. The Source engine is very old at this point and it's not very good at dynamic lights. Dynamic lights tend to look worse as the light calculations don't seem to be as nice as static lights. So it's just ugly in most cases. Which is not acceptable imo. Dynamic lights will also lower performance since there is much more to take into account when compared to lights that don't ever change. It's just not something I think is worth it. At least not for the whole ship. For like a single room it might be interesting to have a dynamic light as that wouldn't impact performance that much. But otherwise, absolutely not. But... Changing textures like KingPommes did on his Venator and Death Star maps is completely different. Generally lit textures do not cast their own light. Like KingPommes did, the textures can be changed on some "lights" to give the illusion that some lights are turned off. This could be changing one of those light panels to look like it's off, or look like there's an alarm with some red lights as well. This doesn't have that big an impact on performance since technically the light that is cast in the map does not change at all. So this is something I want to look into in the future. And there is also an in-universe explanation as to why the light don't turn off when you turn off the generator/reactor. An ISD does have an auxiliary reactor. So it would make sense that some core functions like lights and life support would still function. This auxiliary reactor is not featured in the map though. It would be located somewhere under the turbo laser room if I ever added it. Honestly, that's kinda the last thing I want. Rishi moon base isn't a bad map. But I find it kinda bland. And by now there are already too many clones of the map that do not bring anything new to the table. Imo there need to be more different maps, not more of the same. I'm trying to innovate SW RP by adding (hopefully) cool new features that haven't really been seen before (like hyperspace, which everyone copies now.) Edit: Oh yeah, and I forgot to say. SHEFF mentioned the map being over 6 years old. It's actually much older. It predates the Steam Workshop by a number of years. This winter will actually mark the 10th birthday of this map!
  7. 2 on both sides. The controls are just on one side to make things easier.
  8. Live meaning I released the new version to the public. Also I've hotfixed the issues. So both the normal and infinite versions should be working without issues now.
  9. Again big thanks to KingPommes. I got to use his interactive control panel models and made some new skins for it. I'm now using these panels as replacements to some of my old big ugly solid colour buttons. I probably won't replace all the buttons in the upcoming update as it's a lot of work to replace all of them. So here are the new buttons in action in the Brig (also with Pommes' cool circle console models) and on the Sentinel holo projection.
  10. Already done. An earlier post describes the route. Alright no harm done.
  11. Here's some more previews. Extra TIE launch bay Maintenance area/ship super structure. This now connects to the vents and lowest deck. more angles of Main Generator When the Main Generator is turned off the blast doors and lifts lock. The buttons and lights will then be greyed out. New bed models made by KingPommes in the officers quarters, TIE pilot bunks and medbay. Small sparring room extension
  12. I've been talking to gusky about this. I'm thinking about it on what the best solution might be. There's plenty of spawns all over the map, and now spawns in the bunks at all. So if servers move players to that area and they get killed it's hardly my fault. The bunks are not really meant as spawns anyway.
  13. A good idea. Just a lot of work. I'd need to make sure nothing can be overridden and such. But in theory it would indeed be useful to have a number of controls all in one place.
  14. Indeed. It's safe to say that dynamic lights will never be a feature of this map. As you said, they are bad for performance. And in this engine they look terrible too. So it's just not going to happen.
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