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  1. Dear IG Community, It kind of saddens me to say after the many months of being apart of this family I have come to known and befriend, I will be putting in my resignation as staff. For the 8 months I have been here I have had one hell of a time and I will remember everyone for the memories that you guys bestowed upon me. I can still remember being a Shore Trooper for the first time ever joining this server and Gamma being my Commander then building my way through the ranks through many pathways like ISB, Navy, Sith, IC Commander all the way to becoming the legenda
  2. rich get richer
  3. Interesting report. I will do my best to put your mind at rest for any miscommunication or reasoning towards the current factors. #1 - As many have stated, Darth Vader can kill whom who wants. Whenever he wants. In saying that if you show any sign of insubordination you will eliminated immediately. #2 - Dragz is a Global Admin. Stating he is responsible enough to perform his duties on the server. I myself or even anyone can't take someones word to accuse anyone for anything without a screenshot but even then it is very hard to believe for the actions he has been accused for.
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