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  1. i think these will lag the servers if implemented so Neutral
  2. Blue


    nice you have you here but I dont want you to get banned so can you edit your post and get rid of the server name? I am just saying cause you can get community banned for referencing another community. Edit: you should say something like "REDACTED" and not block it out, cause people can still read it
  3. we are a community and we have to work hard to keep this from crumbling
  4. in my opinion, this is the best "advertisement" for IG
  5. some pics i took of the dance. Dance About Too Start The Cliques Dead Body? The Big Meany Ship Manager Men Mid-Party The Ultimate Loner Corner Big Meany Ship Manager Men Crash Party Party Ruined Sad Depression Hours Post-Party Happy Valentines!
  6. Blue


    yup! IG is a very... supportive community.....
  7. Blue

    A Real Masterpiece

    you should fix up the link
  8. My First Day of The Server this server really is great
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