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  1. Award for most loyal goes to Rickle, 20 minutes of interrogation, offered him a way out, no jail time a slap on the wrist all for a name. "Never dog the boys he says"
  2. You increasingly gain more and more lag the more people join and talk at once, its a free program. There's a trade off involved due to that, Hence why Carnifex mentioned TS is better for larger communities.
  3. +1 I strongly agree, and will gladly purchase you one if it means I don't have to have my TS open on my other monitor at all times to read what you say.
  4. @Pavonis Hey Pavonis, sorry to hear you having troubles connecting to the TS. Due to this possibly being an internal connection problem I recommend going on the Team Speak Forums here: https://forum.teamspeak.com/ and see what troubleshooting solutions they may have, I will continue to look for a solution to your problem in the mean time. If I find one ill b sure to tell you, One thing that I can recommend now is to make sure your ports are in the correct place, and to perhaps also check your firewall as this may be stopping your IP from connecting to the server. ~ best of luck! ~ Ve
  5. Hey Emerald! Sorry to hear you having troubles with running Garry's Mod smoothly. Firstly I recommend updating your drivers as that can sometimes cause your laptop to run slower than normal. Also If you are using Pac3 there is a known issue with certain models within Garry's Mod that aren't optimised all that well, I suggest going through them and take them out one by one and see if you get any positive results out of that. Another thing that might be worth doing is to check for any useless workshop items you may have installed that you don't use anymore as they may also cause the issue you s
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