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  1. I think I might have just nutted
  2. Rike


    If that doesn't work another way of fixing it would be to uninstall all of your Gmod addons and re-install the StarwarsRp addons. The Not enough memory should be a LUA Panic based on the over-abundance of addons filling up the dedicated space for the Gmod addons folder.
  3. -1 .Not mature enough for this role .Events are very similar to ones that have been done before (Especially the Drug Overlord one)
  4. Agreed, also very friendly and not a mine In Game +1
  5. +1 Very Nice lad, good memer, good events, good answers to questions.
  6. Never seen you around before, well anyway welcome to the community!
  7. Rike


    Please, not the stick D:
  8. Haha Yeah, I love having so many attractive women liking me Save me from my lonely life
  9. Nah actually I joined last week of term 4 and am currently coming 2nd
  10. Yeah haha, I forgot to export it (uploading the .avi file now)
  11. I actually have a bit more experience in video editing than the rest of my classmates. We had to use the shitty effects but I made it a bit of a meme too. (Warning May Actually Fuck Up your Hearing / Headphones)
  12. Thanks fella's for a warm welcome.
  13. G'day mates it's Rike, I'm pretty new to the Server and GMod in general. I am a currently a Trainee for Rancor, I hope to see you around.
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