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  1. Fella's I am pretty sure he is only taking the names of people who's forum names are different to the In-game ones. @Snow @Splonter @Frost @Twinkie @Joel @Tonberry @Fox
  2. /me dies from being yeeted on my Prince Harry
  3. -1 You're not allowed to leave
  4. Rike

    Crims tmod app

    Agreed, you also tend to be a little mingy. -1
  5. Because purple is the opposite of green, and the +1 was in green.
  6. Massive +1 - Great CO - Respectful - Responsible - Always shows personal best - Detailed Application - Would be a great addition to the staff team.
  7. Ayy thanks for the mention, that was a good time back in RG.
  8. Biggest +1 I could ever give -Great Guy -Lot's of Experience -Responsible In-Game -One of the fellas I brought to his community
  9. Amazing Fella, will be good in the role +1
  10. Not sure I agree with a view from an intellectual, but anyway great job on contributing tot he conversation!
  11. Interesting insight Charles, care to elaborate?
  12. Is water wet??? Do dogs go get the ball because they think we enjoy throwing it??? Thoughts?
  13. Welcome to the server buddy, hope to see you around.
  14. Hello! Nice Signature, hope to see you around.
  15. Wow you are getting A LOT better at PAC since when you first applied!
  16. That's right, you owe it all to me...
  17. Rike

    Forums Suggestion

    +1 I agree people always judge an application by the first replies, this would give the new poster a better outlook at the current state of the post.
  18. +1 Clarified mistake, active, mature, good role-player.
  19. Agreed MASSIVE +1 I love Brass and think he would be a great asset!
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