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  1. Fella's I am pretty sure he is only taking the names of people who's forum names are different to the In-game ones. @Snow @Splonter @Frost @Twinkie @Joel @Tonberry @Fox
  2. /me dies from being yeeted on my Prince Harry
  3. -1 You're not allowed to leave
  4. Rike

    Crims tmod app

    Agreed, you also tend to be a little mingy. -1
  5. Hahaha I have TBC I can get a private server for something so nobody disturbs us.
  6. Because purple is the opposite of green, and the +1 was in green.
  7. Massive +1 - Great CO - Respectful - Responsible - Always shows personal best - Detailed Application - Would be a great addition to the staff team.
  8. Ayy thanks for the mention, that was a good time back in RG.
  9. Biggest +1 I could ever give -Great Guy -Lot's of Experience -Responsible In-Game -One of the fellas I brought to his community
  10. Amazing Fella, will be good in the role +1
  11. Not sure I agree with a view from an intellectual, but anyway great job on contributing tot he conversation!
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