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  1. TonyA

    Tony's ban appeal

    Just forget it, I don't want to be unbanned anymore.
  2. TonyA

    Tony's ban appeal

    Steam Name: Tony Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:185107774 In game name and rank: ST PVT Tony How long was the ban: 1 day Staff who banned you: Mic\Tucker When was the ban: Today at 7:12 AM GMT+1 (I live in Norway) 5 PM IN Australia Reason for ban: No intent to RP \ Player dis \ staff dis Explain the situation: So basically I was just walking around the ship, i went to the elevator next to the brig to go up to deck 3. A kid called cameron pressed the button while the elevator was going up (It’s annoying asf).I pulled my gun out by accident and shot one shot, I was gonna holster it but I shot the wall instead of holstering it. When we got up to deck 3, he adverted “AOS Tony for discharging his weapon”. After he adverted some people decided to say in ooc “he is a minge and shit like that (I’m gonna be honest u have a childish player base especially jaeger or whatever the fuck his name is) I then decided to say “fkn moron” in ooc and “ 5 year old kid” to cameron. People started defending him saying im acting like a 5 year old. I don’t care what they say tbh, but I got aosed instantly (he keeps trying to get me in trouble its really annoying). Now I don’t know how I disrespected the staff member (Mic\tucker). I didn’t say anything to him other than good job admin in ooc because he brought me while I was cuffed and got killed by the “world”. He didn’t even listen to what I had to say. I tried to tell him what happened but he was talking over me and all I heard was “since u don’t care about the warning, I’m gonna have to give u warning and other punishment” something like that. He warned me and banned me for 1 day. The only thing the staff member saw was just me disrespecting the kid, he didn’t see what other people said to me in ooc. Its unfair tbh. Why you deserve to be unbanned: Well, your staff member didn’t really handle the situation good enough. He didn’t let me explain my side.
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