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  1. Even though I am currently in Storm Commandos I do think that there should be at least some change to us, but maybe not as drastically as what @Josh said. Additionally, in response to @Echo, Storm Commandos are kinda always fluctuating but the recent rise in popularity is almost all due to our regiment recently just being very motivated to appeal to people, so we've worked hard on bringing people into our regiment as well as keeping them interested in it after their initial induction (I just wanna give a lot of credit to Pechudo btw because he has been at the forefront of this rising in SC).
  2. Jono


    surely we get to have a lil event where we gotta deal with Ezra and Kanan and all them.
  3. I definitely didn't expect people to give so much info about lore, but cheers everyone! I got answers to my question and even got some additional lore stuff i didn't know :). @Joel @yeff @Arkan especially you three, thank you!
  4. When is the server roughly placed when it comes to dates in lore?
  5. Been to Pax twice, so i'm excited to see it online. Thanks for all the info!!!!
  6. I'm excited for the discussions. I wasn't around these parts when the first season was out so i'm happy i get to kinda nerd out a bit.
  7. I reckon something like army journalists would be cool.
  8. Jono

    hello there

    Hiiii I'm Jono, I was here a while ago, but i decided to come back recently cause i remembered how much i enjoyed my time here. I've already seen some of you, but i hope to see everyone at some point
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