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  1. Quick Response to some of these points First of all thank you for this flattering thread. I can see some people are asking why this is a big deal to some people and part of me agrees probably from modesty. But I like to think that the reason I'm getting this kind of attention is because there are people that believe I've left a hefty mark on the server and how it has come to be what it is now. Obviously that's not for me to decide. Yes its true there are alot of people that do leave quite often especially ones that are long lasting, but the reality is that for those people to
  2. Thank you to everyone who came to the on-server screening. Big shout out to @|Stryker| for his amazing cinema dupe and to Little, Cast and Rooster for making it possible. Enjoy and I'll see you all around.
  3. Video has been privatized to make way for The Price of Promise movie release Requesting lock on this thread
  4. Video has been privatized to make way for The Price of Promise movie release Requesting lock on this thread
  5. Video has been privatized to make way for The Price of Promise movie release Requesting lock on this thread
  6. Yeah cheers for being a pain in the ass while we were doing our own building that night
  7. EDIT: My apologies for forgetting to mention that this part of the story takes place after the first chapter (The Price of Promise - The Commitment) When the full movie comes out, it will all be in chronological order
  8. Core Issue For the past week or two I've begun to notice a pattern of behavior within me that now I've taken unfortunate shame from. Mind you I'm not talking about minging or "having the wrong kind of fun on the server" it's infact quite the opposite. Lately I've been noticing that I've been losing my temper far more often than I should and nowadays people see more of that then they see the passive rp that I'm known for. I am profoundly sorry if I have affected anyone around me with my anger and frustration that I've been unable to hold back and fight. Quite simply I've been giving i
  9. Courtesy of our beloved @Rooster https://imgur.com/a/VaT81
  10. Honest opinions are more than welcome (I didn't make this)
  11. Special Thanks to @Caboose, @Martibo (and all the staff who voted yes) for allowing this to happen We won't let you down
  12. I stand corrected: wasn't official until now - Thank you Little
  13. Okay so a lot of you might have been there for the absolute meltdown I had at the end of Cronos' debrief concerning the common occurrence of Sith dueling Jedi event characters. I want to go over it again here and at the same time apologise for getting perhaps too worked up about it (but truth be told some of you really forced my hand on this one) So we've had a rule on the server I want to say thats as old as the community itself that is basically this; When the sith go to battle Jedi or any force user with a lightsaber, it is their duty to suppress the threat. No troopers or any ot
  14. Some people might know I have a small history of conjuring up events on my own terms and having one of the EMs help me bring them to life. As expected, there have been a couple of people coming up to me saying "Why not just be an event master?" well thats a story for another day. But the point I'd like to make here is that while it often if not always falls on the event master to come up with ideas for said events, this is not meant to imply that EM's cannot say no to better ideas. If you as a regular player have an idea that you'd like to see as an event. Tell an EM, because you'l
  15. Don't overestimate people's intelligence, If I thought people were smart enough I wouldn't have decided this was necessary either
  16. This video is to relay a few important things that people probably should be considering but infact aren't - Think of this as a sharp reminder
  17. Dialogue was indeed inspired by game of thrones, I don't need to hear about anyone telling me I may have ripped it off (because you'd do it too)
  18. Alright I'll be the one to say it. If you really want to improve events, There should be far more Compelling acting from the event masters regardless of the plot. The reason I say this is because almost every event master is guilty of doing constant voice comm messages intended for barking orders/giving updates etc, and that is met with a really off-putting and lazy teenage sounding voice tone to deliver it. I'm not saying you should sound like Gamma but half the point of events is keeping the players entertained and that should come with the partial immersion. In addition eve
  19. All pretty redundant points Bearmax First of all if you don't like my posts, you could always just use common sense and don't read it, Secondly do you really think I'm self centered enough to think the world revolves around me? Who do you think I am Jake Paul? Lastly I post awareness not scoldings so coming from the guy thats made 192 posts probably spent ridiculing people, it's pretty hypocritical of you to say that you're sick and tired of my posts (having only 7 in total)
  20. So most if not all know by now that I am no longer the role of Vader as I have willingly submitted to giving it up at the desire of a few staff including Kosmos himself. I thought I'd quickly address the complaints that came in about the whole thing in hopes of debunking a few assumptions people have made. 1. Yes I left the community when knights fell apart, In the week and half I spent not being on the server, there was much talk about my friends and I reviving ourselves as prophets which sure enough didn't work out. During our pitch to Kosmos about it, he said to me in private that he
  21. Ladies and Gentlemen for those who don't know, On Thursday night my beloved character Pureus the Knight Commander died for causes explained in this short video. This indeed will be my last video made for the server as my legacy ends. I must warn you that this video does include a very gloomy theme, please don't watch if you find yourself to be sensitive to this kind of thing. Thank you for everything Imperial Gaming. The man who portrayed Pureus may soon return
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