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  1. Anyways much love greyback xx
  2. Thankyou for this comment much appreciated
  3. I leave my PC on from around 12AM-7AM and im still on server in my same spot so not to sure
  4. Yes i understand all of this but im not gradually getting my hours up to apply for EM or staff im just literally leaving my pc on for no reason and just getting hours up, its not to gain anything, and its legit causing so many people irritated for me doing this
  5. Ok so I have been afking when I go to bed and when I go to school and I leave my pc on while still on the server (regular thing to do), and I have been told multiple times thats its either 'bannable' or 'warnable', then I go to a admin and every response I have gotten is its not bannable or its not warnable and i'm just posting it here to get an answer once and for all if its bannable or not, and also I have no intentions of applying for EM or staff I just leave my pc on for the sake of nothing and just gain hours that supposedly makes me a 'coward' and a 'cheat' to most people which i find ob
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