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  1. I find myself writing another goodbye. I have done this before and returned after I finished my Year 12 exams. However, this one is much, much more long term. I am beginning university this year and am moving interstate to attend. I will be unable to bring my Gaming PC and that's probably for the best anyway. This server has a pull that time and time again I found myself unable to escape from. Whether it's the sub-par RP, quirky community and players, or just being able to blast rebels in some obtuse power fantasy, I can't deny the pull the server has had on me and always brought me back. As I
  2. It'd sure make an interesting art piece
  3. Mandor Teth is Carthalous' fake alias he devised when he entered the naval academy and served in the Imperial Navy in order to avoid discrimination and unwanted attention. It is literally the planet Mandalore shortened into Mandor and the jungle planet Teth. He continues to use the name in imperial matters as it's how the Empire knows him.
  4. Youth and Pre-Empire Carthalous was born to Jurdaa Ordo and Tavaysh Ordo. His father was the clan’s metalsmith, experienced in the secret technique of melting and forging Mandalorian Iron, Beskar. And whilst a Mandalorian is not bound by the actions of their father, Carthalous was groomed to continue the sacred tradition of smithing Mandalorian Iron, a tradition he was proud to inherit. For years, Carthalous proudly trained in this ancient art, but he took up other skills such as battle-planning, strategy and blade-blade combat. He found himself developing confidence and competence in lea
  5. TBH, if you want beta arcs. You don't want an Imperial RP server. You want a Clone Wars Server Why tf would we bring CW elements into a Imperial server?
  6. I was so delirious in that clip of me. I hadn't eaten, only had 4 hours of sleep, exhausted. I didn't even know what I was talking about. Made for good entertainment though
  7. So I can disregard FearRP? Signed, a Mandalorian
  8. Need to contact my vibroknife supplier.

  9. So they're like the 439th's equivalent to the 501st's IC?
  10. Cheers Bailey, I'll try, I'll focus on this year and we'll see what happens
  11. Hi everyone reading this. You likely know me by my in-game name, Mandor Teth. I've spent just over two years playing on this server and I'm grateful for all the experiences I've had. This server has given me many valuable memories and even taught me some leadership skills. I'm not good with writing about emotional stuff, so please excuse me. As a few of my fellow VF might know, I'm in my final year of high-school and I need to focus on my schoolwork. The server is not something I can continue to commit to. As some of you may remember, I was previously the Commanding Officer of
  12. Good to see you back, welcome to VF, Hornet.
  13. Good to see that the server is raising for a good cause. You gotta love to see it when a server comes together to do good.
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