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  1. Who do you think has been Chief of Staff untill now
  2. Brass has been nothing if not helpful. He always seems to care about this community and has actively participated in making things easier for others. For example rewriting/learning scripts for outdated spreadsheets within government (even though he doesn't need to). Although his previous ban has put him some bad light in the past I believe this should be more of a footnote. Ever since then I don't believe anyone has reported issues with Brass. His attachment to the server, to his peers, and his understanding of the duties of a moderator, is (I believe) proof enough that he would make a great
  3. id prefer you roleplay in government
  4. +1 I have seen you around the ship and from my experience you have acted seriously in regards to your recruit training and position in chimaera squad. Your PAC is simple but then again it doesn't need to be complex. However I do believe you should expand on them as they should be a tool to be used on your roleplay. Good luck
  5. @addamcor More of this they are hilarious XD
  6. Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/donovan1997/ RP name: Kelly Have you downloaded the mods: doing so now
  7. haha feel free to add me I'd be glad to help
  8. Haha i saw the post should of probably just dropped my name in there instead
  9. Hey guys As you probably heard for honor is free from 11th of june to the 18th so grab it if you can. I have been playing for e a while and I'm super happy that the community will get an influx of new players. Please feel free to add me on uplay if you would like to learn/duke it out: Darkweaver71 (is my user). Cheers Chief of Staff Kelly Previously known as Crisp
  10. +1 As far as I am concerned Lorgar's application shows merit. I believe his reasons would increase his roleplay potential in a passive intensive regiment. Although he has a strong character and will often butt heads with other members he has shown his willingness to conduct proper roleplay within the confines of the regional government.
  11. Hello Everyone, The Regional Government is looking for applicants to fill in one Secretarial Position within the Regional Government. If you are interested in any of the following then you may want to consider applying for a role in the Regional Government: Passive Roleplay. Secretarial Tasks. Serving the Grand Moff. Handling Financial Costs . Handling official documentation . All who do apply should remember that this is a Passive RP role and holds less combat situation then other regiments. If you want to learn more about the Region
  12. Just came upon a nice little clip . sums up things very nicely. https://9gag.com/gag/avOeRzW#comment
  13. +1 As principal secretary I can say for certain that Hex has only ever wanted to improve his roleplay experience as a member of ALD. Giving him access to PAC would improve his own RP as well as anyone that would interact with him in a RP scenario (serving drinks, presenting reports, data and other tasks pertaining to ALD).
  14. "Welcome to the traps " Jet after I just joined ALD
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