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  1. Glad to see things haven't changed much lol
  2. Hi all, Never really thought this would happen but life tends to show you otherwise so i'll keep this short. For those who don't know me, I'm Archer, I joined IG in early 2018 after leaving a previous community and since then I dedicated a good portion of my time to enjoying the server and the great community that also play this server, I rose in ranks, got into trouble (occasionally), got shot at (a lot *cough* jman *cough*), became a member of staff, saw some of the best moments, saw some of the lower ones and met some great people along the way. My journey with IG has unfo
  3. Such a waste of a good dropship....
  4. All that was missing was ISC complaining about the old LFS vehicles before vanilla fixed them, otherwise this is 100% accurate.
  5. Should send out your tank against lochie
  6. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce the next generation of Imperial tank design........ The Bob Semple Hovertank Specifications Designer: Delta Sanders | Navy Engineers Armaments: 1 - Light laser cannon 3 - Z-6 Rotary blasters (Can be equipped with a heavy laser cannon on request) Armour: 15.5mm x 8.5mm x 2.5mm Durasteel plating (Salvaged from the TX-225 GAVr) Propulsion: Repulsorlift Generators (Salvaged from the TX-225 GAVr) Speed: 20 KPH (Flat terrain) 10
  7. Well its time to dig some fossils out for this:
  8. Goodbye comrade, I still remember the time Wolf offered to buy you a headset with a mic just so we could hear you speak and when you finally got a mic you got moved to admin o7
  9. He isn't commander of Tank Troopers, that responsibility falls to Squadron Leader+
  10. +1 This would be useful since the base Tank Trooper job isn't used completely anymore since it became a sub-regiment of ISC, moving it to ISC completely as our version of Heavy/Support would allow us to get rid of the old Tank Trooper job and these new models would allow us to fly TIEs as in RP you needed the chest box and tubes to hook into a TIE's life support system.
  11. When you have more power than Palpatine
  12. Simple story, my current name came from my old DarkRP days: Archer Macintyre Johnson, which I chose after i got tired of my old default name i chose: Bob Fisher
  13. I remember wanting the Charger C70 refit (aka the consular cruiser refit) to build but by the point I found out about it they had stop selling it so I got my dad to buy an unopened one from England for me, I still have it on my shelf as well as my Malevolence
  14. Well originally one of the elevators on the bridge was supposed to connect to the controls for the turbo laser turrets but that more or less has been pushed aside for other issues, plus those guns can lag the server at higher player counts hence we really had only one person who was allowed to use them at one point before he left IG, I do agree that seeing them in action would be great but the other issues would have to be worked out first.
  15. I didn't have much issues with the DS map, I do agree that there isn't much to do RP wise outside of simulations and passive but for a day its not totally bad, but also why not just have 2 rotation maps during the week like we used to with Tatooine and Naboo, one on tuesday the other on thursday
  16. Just your typical days on board the ISD Chimaera
  17. My random collection of moments either from in game or in the chat box
  18. You wont ruin the Normandy, the picture is already perfect
  19. While i'm not so sure how stable the re-sizer tool would be since it has a infamous past, the ships themselves would make an excellent edition to the server. However in future we do have a suggestions tab in the SWRP section of the forums if you wish to make more suggestions for the server.
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