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  1. I love you mayne, I'll post another meal just for you fam squad, gratz and here have a TimTam /me slaps ass then gives TimTam
  2. Renegaderade


    I feel sorry for you guys, Vader's elite should at least get some degree of funding that allows you to AT LEAST use some better paints and colours.
  3. Welcome back! Here have a TimTam. /me slaps ass then gives TimTam.
  4. Looks good, with more practice you'll be able to make them beyond brilliant, I personally like the 3rd image. So here for your effort, have a TimTam. /me slaps ass then gives TimTam
  5. I'll see if I can come up with something, probably my pasta bake, its easy, cheap, fast and tastes fukken mint.
  6. Renegaderade


    I have several questions concerning this font for one of the Empire's elite.
  7. I only just now realise that Cherry Tomatoes will work better than a normal one so use those instead.
  8. I can understand your frustration, especially when you had probs and stuff indicating that you were repairing at the time. My advice, probably block off the entire front of the course or request guards. (even though you may not get them) Good luck.
  9. I know the feels mah dud, I hate tomatoes as well but I added it because I know it'd work for those who do.
  10. In this post I'll be sharing with you one of my healthier meals, a welcome change to those who don't usually eat diabetes all day. Today the meal will be my special twist on a 'Cesar salad'. What you'll need: 1x Fresh Lettuce 1x Cooked Chicken Brest (Supermarket chicken will work fine) 1x Tomato 1x Avocado Croutons (Packet or Home made) Whole Egg Mayo Optional Items (So its not boring): - Bacon (Chopped/Diced & Grilled) - Feta or Parmesan Cheese (Feta works better) - Tangy Mustard Dressing or Italian Dressing (For if you don't want mayo) How its
  11. @Ragetank I'm sorry Captain but that's above your pay-grade. But here have a TimTam. /me slaps ass then gives TimTam
  12. In this post I'll be sharing my ultimate "Chip Butty". For those who don't know what a chip butty is, its esentially hot chips in between 2 slices of buttered bread. However here on Mordicai's Meals we don't go with the bear nessesities, we add flare to our meals. So what you'll need is: 2x Large Potatos of your choosing (I recommend Laura or Binjie potatoes) 2x Thick slices of bread (I recommend traditional white) 1x Tub of salted butter 1x Vial of Salt, Pepper & Paprika 1x Bottle of Oil I know the above ingredients look quite unhealthy but if you were here
  13. I've just been called a loser... not the first time. Welcome to the forums, here have a TimTam. /me slaps ass then gives TimTam
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