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  1. @Stevo. Hey mate since i have become a Fourms IG member only who became scar commander?
  2. Veles

    Veles Leaving

    "Come little things big things grow" This was from a paul kelly song that has summed up my time, I came on the server so shit i could not even make a regiment so i asked Frank and my name became St PVT Charles (Brig Guard) I racked up 2 days of play time always guarding the brig to make sure no-one entered. When i heard of Shock and riot i wanted to join cause it sounded cool to guard so when they had tryouts and i missed them I was pissed cause i lost my Guarding role and forced to be a normal ST. I went away on a trip to a new server and got skills so when i joined back i mad it into Naval Guard under aquis and Jimka also Kaye. @Jimka @MrKayeST Thanks for letting me join your great regiment. Then i saw Talon squad tryouts and i minged to be removed from NG and made it into Talon under the command of Commader Tyber Someone who i went though hardships with and broke to me one day he had Temanel Cancer witch was huge and then when i though he was sick he moved onto EG. So i followed with Tyber to join 442nd. Once i returned i joined DT once then went inactive DT a second time then ALD and transfered to ISB and when i delt with the death of a family member i went inactive to get Blacklisted from ISB witch was only lifted 1 month ago @Guskywalker Thanks man. After my ISB time i because a Member of the imperial Navy under Lachlan and Cody Once i left Navy due to a busy time in live i became Jack of ST's under regret and Corvo my name was SGT Jack and i had alot of fun till i joined ISB while blacklisted (was unaware) and got kicked out 3 days later to become a Gov Junior Clerk i was in there for a long time to serve under Lachlan @Lachlan Man we had the best of fun and i was like your personal Sec. I will always remeber PUG Duos lounge 1. After this time i moved on the the most Unstable regiment in the world RST but had great fun first under Maxine then Aphrodite and after that Theta. About this time i went on holidays and when i got back i looked at my EM application to see a big Accepted sign on it witch was great and i became a ST to be lonely. After trying i joined IC then SG when finaly become ISB while unblacklisted And my Schedule got busy and now i am hear. See you lads later will check the forums every now and then Yeah @Brass forgot to add I am so coming back. In the winter I have a timetable of Monday cricket Tuesday cricket training wendays cricket training Thursday a game and training Friday game Saturday game sunday I like to train with my family
  3. Veles

    Pendragons Event Master Application

    Being a Trial EM untill now its a big step up from what you think theres lots of learning and pacients but i think you would be a good bloke +1
  4. Veles

    Veles Leaving

    F**k is showed off a staff tag how did you get that
  5. Veles

    Veles Leaving

    Everytime you run it will be No ball btw my jumper is number 50 .Jamieson
  6. Veles

    Stanley's Ban Apeal

    Mate your lucky it was only a 2 days ban now you pull this crap with a Dev application. I would recommend you be banned for 1 month mabey even more to reflect on what you did
  7. Veles

    IG Clips Part Two

    So you were blocking me I thought I was a mistake but nothing gets past maj jamieson
  8. Veles

    Website Name Changes

    Can i have my name Changed to Veles. Thanks Ridge
  9. Veles

    Yes I'm leaving.

    Dont you just love it when you get a Upvote on your leaving post. But anyway good luck and dont call me Vells
  10. Veles

    Warlock's Ban Appeal

    Netrual Untill @Wolf Shares his side of the story and Vader who banned him
  11. Veles

    Hello all

    Lol Welcome man to the server keep doing them Elevators
  12. Veles

    Bailey's Staff Report

  13. Veles

    Daddle's Ban Appeal

  14. Veles

    Quoth's Ban Appeal v3

    I am sorry but I have to do this I am sure @Cody would agree after you last ban appeal your story has changed at first it was I had no idea how to fly to I did it on purpose Now I don't hate you because people make mistakes but try do something to make it up like a sorry post Netrual
  15. Veles

    Max's Event Master Application

    Sorry but having ALTs is serious and the fact is its just not allowed. Plus i have seen you once
  16. Veles


    Yeah when Martibo comes up with something and i dont think they will be usefull cause its gonna break RP with people Running around having hats on in the normal Time
  17. Veles


    Kind of. Christmas is a long way away and really the only stuff that needs to be planed is on the Dev side like Logos, Pointshop items (We already have teh hats) and the Events dont take to long like the halloween one was just zombies and stuff
  18. Veles

    JJ Ban Appeal

    Hey Sorry but its a -1 - You had so many chances to play seriously and you didn't take them - Those that Herd Wolfs speech last night nows Racism is not allowed and you would be banned. You did it 3 times - You were banned at the start of last month i thing more time is needed
  19. Veles

    New Event maps

    Thanks for the idea its really cool i will pass these onto the staff trello