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  1. +1 good person, nice and Active and also nice pacs
  2. Current Job: Unemployered Futer job: Internation cricket play, Doing Performane squads and State Juniors right now
  3. +1 he is a good person and would do well as EM
  4. To be honest i think the CL 3+ rule is a bit stupid. you are trying to fill up High up Spots but your have to be a High up to become this so Later the regiment that lost someone will need a new higher up messing the Chain up. Although i am not applying it should be run on things like How long you have been apart of IG instead.
  5. Veles

    Boris' TMOD App

    +1 Reason stated Above
  6. +1 Very good CO when was in Navy and has the potential to be a mod
  7. I was happy for a second lol
  8. After all those long TS chats not even a mention SMH JK love you
  9. +1 well written time on the server and also i you are very chill witch is a good staff aspect. I have never seen you yell
  10. I have done So much worse i gave the Whole Server SE-14Cs on acident so dont worry
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