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  1. You will see me in a few months on my terms
  2. Oh sh*t i forgot haha
  3. Many people will not know me, i have played this server since i got gmod and waited 2 hours to load in only to not have space on my laptop for the content so i only got my player model. I am leaving to try fill a gap in the star wars rp market. A few months ago there was another star wars rp server EG. I remember playing on both servers at the same time so here is my thanm you list of people who aren't even here i reckon @kelly one person who isnt here i had amazing fun in reg gov with you thanks @Jimka thank you for letting me into naval guard when that was a thing @tyber another person to leave my commander in talon squad thank you @Rickle ahh my favorite sith we were the only ones to survive that infection event @Tonberry thanks for letting me have a fun time in isb i had fun when we made the training sheet @Wombatiacus thanks for letting me join Chimaera Squad and understanding why i had to take leave @Lachlani loved being your navg secretary your great fun and interesting gonna miss you @Welshy thanks for letting me on the em team and giving me a chance @Kumo thanks for letting me bounce coding ideas off you @Roma_the_bloodlust you are and always will be my favorite Mexican @Flipps thanks for letting me track down the rebel sts when i was rst, also making the spinning lightsaber @Solvan thanks for letting me into shock i had a great time messing around with you I could go on for ever with people that i played with but thank you imperial gaming and what comes next i have 100% respect for your server and never want to destroy them so if rumors come out please keep a positive image of me. I am not saying my plans for respect
  4. Application withdraw as of the 8/919
  5. BUMP I am working on some new things
  6. Hello Starkey, For your application i see people have talker on yoy detail and while its abit short i love to leave eith examples. Here is a event i used when i was a event master. Its not the best but it shows a level of detail more to the standard i would hope https://docs.google.com/document/d/13Pd2IQDz8kPg2QRJa8Ahuv3zgezr8XC_2mMIws-5tn8/mobilebasic As for your application Netutal for now
  7. This made me cry, i remember when i joined for the first time andbwe were on rishi moon under rebel attack and was like wtf, i was so poor i hade a computer with 120 gb of storage abd just played with errors
  8. +1 Amazing Member of the community, i think he has great promise as a staff member
  9. Hey everyone, So i realised that alot of people find it hard to make it around the Battlestation so i tryed to make something for it easy. On every page some maps will need to be done.
  10. This sounds really cool, i think like you should make a menu were you can call for it to come to you or were you can see a real time map of were it is
  11. @Ragetank Yeah all good so what it is doing with networking is that when you write into the box it broadcasts the message, so when anyone opens that box they can read that message so say i put hey in there and you open it up later it will show what i said so its like another chat box. If you want i would be happy to share the server side code
  12. @Ragetank @Gregis I have adding in a networking example as you have asked, I am planing on updating this throw time but this is were its at now Thanks veles
  13. @Ragetank Thank you, its great to get support from a developer i am making a few things now, like a chat room with opens when you use a entity if there is anything you want to see let me know
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