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  1. @Little5avage @Ridge please lock this application to stop this arguments. I still want to apply just not open to the public if that’s alright.
  2. Dude I’m on my phone I usually don’t do much punctuation but that makes me wonder why you -1 considering my actual app has correct punctuation and grammar. just to clarify this is no way in a way am arguement I’m just curious.
  3. Thank for your feedback guys, I would like to just clear out something ok yes I did leave the server twice I technically I havent left the community I am usually on he forums just the past 3 months I haven’t been able to sign in to my account on my phone just on my computer for some reason thus why I have this new account which I hope doesn’t breach any rules as there is clear reason why I am using it. Ok let be honest here the first time I “left” the community which I didn’t just the server i was physically incapable of playing on the server and I felt that it would be more acceptable and well less embarrassing if I just said that I needed to take some off rather than tell the truth to say that my parents provoked my privileges. but the second time around was a whole new story this is quite serious, I’m being honest here I’m not a very well person when it comes to mentally not that I’m psycho or anything I just have a way of thinking where I easily set my self off and cause anxiety attacks and well let’s just say when a was a bit younger I had this Farley rare disease which I will not go into detail about as it’s causing me to stress out just typing it I used to get bullied about it too and well not that it really affected me that’s much so. But anyways any physically sign of it was gone and a few months ago there was a video playing here during an event about someone dying with the sameness condition I had so far Caboose is away and I may as well tell everyone. But that caused me to go into a sort of state where I couldn’t stop thinking about it, I would lie to myself and say it’s fine but I knew it wasn’t which was affecting my time on IG my temper had increase, little things could upset me so I decided that it possibly time for me a take a break for a while till I could be me again, over the past 2 months I’ve managed to get a control of my attacks and well find a easy way of distraction out of this situation I believe I came out of it stronger. sorry if this was long or you felt it was sort of off topic it’s just people don’t know why I left and see that’s im unloyal or “you will probably just leave again” but I believe that I had every right to as there was a lot going on in real life excluding my illness.
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