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    On 12/24/2019 at 10:27 PM, Ubermolen said:

    Was excited to get tagged in the post, sad it wasn't me in the pic :'( that's gotta be @CrazedKiller. This is a blast to the past. Rip my scar CO days as Ubermolen will never be able to return....

    Great job for lasting this long BTW. Your a great bloke.


    Look at the cool kid at the front, looks how far that sexy man has come

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  2. 17 hours ago, AquaRicky said:

    @Blitzer I love how you recreated the helmet in paint and it reminds me of a mixture between an Engineer helmet and a Germany WW2 feel just like Wolfenstein. Also, I've Managed to Recreate the Engineer Helmet in PAC if you want to to look, I would love some feedback on what you think of it. 

    That was my idea for the helmet a mix between the two and I would love to see your recreation in-game

  3. I was bored (At work) and decided to do draw something on paint, it ain't much but it's honest work.


    I just thought I would get more known throughout the community but posting something on the forums. It's my version of an Imperial ground crew helmet, which I thought looked cool.


    P.S If someone wants to make a better rendition of this on a 3D program or something feel free to, I thought it would be a cool helmet especially for someone who is into cosplay.

  4. On 5/10/2019 at 10:54 AM, Kamelieon said:

    Welcome back ma'am. Its an honour. I'm the new and improved myself, better than you used to know.

    I'll still remember the day I found out you had a crush on me (because you thought I was a girl)

    Wait you're not a girl?

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  5. This is probably a little late, but I was looking around the internet for PAC tutorials and this appeared, looking at the profile picture and name you are wondering who this is....

    It's Dan: Corporal {SR-04} Dan (I would have been a higher rank but we couldn't do my SGT test and the whole you know split from the community) I found this and wondered if my old IG account is still active and thankfully it still is here. We had some fun times in Shore and it was to be honest one of the best times i've had on an RP server, I remember when I was first recruited into Shore, I didn't have a Mic (I did, but I didn't want to use it) Wiles seemed like an amazing guy and I was correct to think that, the more and more time I spent in SHore the more and more I got to know everyone in the Regiment and also on the server, because I would say Shore had a good reputation, thanks to our CO. I have many fond memories of being in Shore and becoming friends with the people in it, I would say we where the four horsemen on the apocalypse (6 counting Cameron, Renzo and Wenus) I remember having the Sand throwing license, which I had a level 3 license for thank you very much (Don't know why Thicc got one, since he was a Rescue Trooper) I still have the Shore Handbook and Rooster: 

    "Defend the Coast and Get a Nice Tan" which was our unofficial saying, which i'm pretty sure myself and Wiles thought of. I had great times in Shore and I wish I could relive those days, because I really miss them. It was fun, but unfortunately there was the whole split of the community in which I transferred with Wiles and stayed on there (Wiles quit RP, and I continued with it joining 212th and i'm currently in Navy) Shame that I couldn't say goodbye to everyone, but I would say this is my hello and final farewell. 

    Take it easy Delta and remember the good old days.

     - Corporal {SR-04} Dan

    "Never Give Up - Never Back Down - Never Surrender"


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