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  1. who the hell are you?
  2. i respect you leaving rancor but we will miss you dude
  3. Mortem

    New video!

    great video man - i suggest collecting footage for a few weeks then use them for your next m o n t a g e
  4. wasnt there another post with same video?
  5. Agreed with this agree ITS A NEUTRAL BOI
  6. Mortem

    New video!

    i should have more than 2 cameos
  7. Mortem

    New video!

    1:54 i should have kept my fingers away from my keyboard 3:52 i saved my sergeant atleast 3:56 "that guys- jesus"
  8. First One: I Give An Extra 1 Second One: Like You Said, It's Design Doesn't Belong But Still Looks Cool
  9. +1 Might lag the server buts its cool
  10. Mortem

    Leaving IG

    atleast he left at the perfect number.... 420 posts
  11. i miss o'hare so badly
  12. These Examples Are Pretty Slick +1
  13. One of The Best Commanders I Have Seen In Many Servers I Have Played On. Welcome Back.
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