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  1. Already done that like 3 times fam, no luck. I would REALLY appreciate someone linking me to addon or uploading the map .bsp so I can join, been waiting all day.
  2. Yeah I’ve tried that, still no luck. I think best bet is someone linking the addon (for map) or uploading the .bsp .
  3. Hi guys, I'm fairly new to this gamemode/community and I am currently having issues in joining. Whenever I join, for some reason the map file can't crc. I have tried almost every fix to my knownledge (unsubbing - resubbing, deleting .bsp, letting it download in fastdl, downloading the addon) although in trying all these I have had no luck. I am just wondering if anyone else had any fixes although I do have one in mind that should hopefully fix the issue, which is for someone who can join the server to find their map .bsp file and upload it to any website so that I can download that (working) .
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