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  1. This is a bit different but ok, o7
  2. @addamcor Not gonna lie all those points kinda just seem like you’re looking for bad stuff, if you just watched the trailer and movie like an actual fan instead of critizing something which many people are looking forward to maybe you’d like it as well. <3
  3. Wait a second there was a Jar Jar Binks movieeee?!!!
  4. Tucker is better Colonel <3
  5. Tinky1


    Thanks everyone, As to Crisp, Tucker is the one flying into me
  6. Tinky1


    Hey everyone, The past week or two I have been extremely active on the RP server, therefore I wanted to join the forums community to get to know more people and enhance my RP experience, hope to see all of you around on the server as you are all so nice Tinkyy.
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