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  1. I'll give it a run tomorrow =)
  2. While it would do the same job as Advanced dupes..It certain situations it may reduce lag on the server during events due to some of the less experience engineers spawning in "prop heavy" dupes. Advanced dupes would become more situational. It would also assist the new members of the engineer's would haven't mastered advanced dupe/precision/precision/alignment +1 But only for Engies/Engineer role
  3. You've gotta take care of yourself Scheff, we can try and help but ultimately only you can do it Take as much time as you need and more..You're always welcome here Goodluck with Year 12
  4. See ya Havoc, lots of love from Stormtroopers ?
  5. Congratulations on joining Rancor Tonberry Enjoy your time mate ?
  6. +1 This is a suggestion to essentially Remodel Vector so they don't resemble the KKK or the Nazi SS Keep in-mind everyone that having new people to the server that don't know the regiments all that well often say "stupid" shit I completely understand why you don't want to be associated with the KKK or the Nazi's... Those models looks vaguely similar to Shocks models and some may use them for PAC...but reducing discrimination and racism within the server in my opinion is more important then somebody PAC
  7. We'll love you Stevo, take some time You deserve a break and less meetings
  8. Time to get Arma 3 then
  9. For the life of me i can't tell why i got 2nd for the Janitors award.....
  10. Regret


    Didn't realize I've been demoted Minges in Stormtroopers get set to Recruit
  11. I'm pretty sure i bet my wife and kids on Stormtrooper Private Heal...Unsure if that was a wise bet
  12. Exactly what i thought addamcor....exactly what i thought..?
  13. Well to state a few people know.. Terry Crews, Naruto, Eminem, The Rock, Aragon (Lord of the Rings), Phil Coulson (Agents of Shield/MCU), Merlin, Steve Hughes What can i say? I'm a simple person
  14. I think Proto just wanted more RP/Utility for SCAR..Proto has good intention with this suggestion But when it comes to serious RP as Stevo and Excalibur pointed out...Strictly following the Lore also has devastating negative affects for SCAR If TF-99 did become a Sub-regiment of SCAR down the road to be a Strict RP regiment with unique load outs....It would come with it's disadvantages too. As it would also be a Sub-regiment of Stormtroopers - Currently RP role exist within different Regiments (I believe SCAR is one of them) that have specialized roles such as: Point man, M
  15. In a SeriousRP these changes would "Make Sense" but these changes would make TF-99 an "Exclusive" regiment only for PAC users..Which doesn't bode well since it would make the TF-99 AND SCAR very Elitist/Uninviting which would; in my opinion be Bad - Giving out "class weapons" ONLY during events is 1: A slight annoyance to Event masters/Moderators/Staff..But besides that If you cannot trust people with these Items. then they simply shouldn't have them (Like Cloaking devices) - While these changes would be quite numerous it IS possible down the line...BUT as DeeDee said..S
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