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  1. really i did. anyway is there anything i can do to help get it lifted or is it just up to you?
  2. i haven't donated to imperial i didn't spend enough time on it to warrant me to think about donating so i do not think that is the answer.
  3. Steam Name: Captunn_Sanshunn Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:119928207 In game name and rank: Honestly can't remember How long was the ban: perma Staff who banned you: Darth Vader When was the ban: 23/08 Reason for ban: Community ban - Breach of TOS Explain the situation: I honestly have no idea what happened or what i did wrong. Why you deserve to be unbanned: I want to be unbanned because well honestly a bunch of friends have recently had their bans repealed or just started playing on the server again and i'm keen to join back in the serious role play and have som
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