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  1. Eclipse

    Expand Food RP

    @Smoke our McChicken food truck would greatly benefit from this! +1
  2. Eclipse

    fun times for all

    You forgot me turning off power to the sun >:C
  3. Eclipse

    Mike's Republic Engineers CO Application

    May I see some of your builds on the server when you're on next, so I can determine if you fully understand how to use them?
  4. Eclipse

    First Event

    I believe the sever will be using phase 2 armour, so the battle of geonosis is before the time of the server. (I thibk) HIIIIIIII PROCTOR
  5. Eclipse

    ❄ Snows CO Application ❄

    -1, whilst you were EM you never tended to your RP, which comes before being staff.
  6. Eclipse

    Breaching charge

    It'd help if you read the description of the addon +1
  7. Eclipse

    Vaccine System

    Now imagine being a royal guard. You have no way of calling for a medic. +1
  8. Eclipse

    My time here...

    Boy I miss batman
  9. Eclipse

    Jupiter's T-mod app

    Changing to a +1, this a a mature and fit individual for staff.
  10. Eclipse

    Soy's Ban Appeal

    I know I'm not staff - Giving out information for better judgement. Within the 3 days he was on the server, he got 28 arrests, and was known by shock and riot to be a minge.
  11. Eclipse

    Automated Steamnam3s

    If you're using pablo's activity monitor, you'll probably notice how troopers never tell you if they've changed their name, making tracking their activity slightly more difficult. With this guide Steamnames will automatically update. First, create a new column on the sheet where everyone's name is, it can be anywhere. Uptop, if you have headings for columns name it SteamID64s Next, get your troopers SteamID64s, by using !steamid64 and fill in the column. Next, create a new sheet and name it "SteamnameGrabber" Next, in cell A1 put in "=TRANSPOSE(1:1)" Nothing should come up. Next, go into script editor, tools>script Then put in this var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet(); function SteamNameGrabber() var sheet = ss.getSheetByName("SteamnameGrabber") for(var i = 2 ; i <= 53 ; i++){ sheet.getRange(1, i).setValue("=IFERROR(IMPORTXML(CONCATENATE(\"https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/\" , \"Roster Sheet Name\"!Column in which STEAMID64 are found" + i +"), \"//span[@class=\'actual_persona_name\']\"),\" \")" ) } } Replace the bolded and underlined items with what it says. Now, run the script. Back to the roster, delete all the steam names and replace the first one with =ARRAY_CONSTRAIN(SteamID32Grabber!A(Where you want the Steamnames to start), A(Where you want them to finish), 19, 1) Replace the bolded and underlined items with what it says. That's it! If anything is broken, tell me and I'll fix the instructions. I wrote this on a phone so can't be sure if I accidentally broke stuff. And if a staff member wants to change the bolded and underlined sections to colour, feel free as I can't.
  12. Eclipse

    Automated Steamnam3s

    This isn't requesting help, this is a guide to add to the activity monitor. This is something I created because I found the current spreadsheets able to be improved. Originally, I had asked Brass if he had a like system, which they did not. Spreadsheets are mainly their job. However I've made a range of spreadsheets related to the server and it's not restricted to just government.
  13. He's still is, 15 player cap however. Whilst I was still active me @Regretstarted to talk about hosting our own D&D game written by him. Should talk to him
  14. Eclipse

    Server Rule Clarfications

    Well, in my experience, if the player is a known minge staff will deal with it, now I haven't seen you since you were kicked out of Lipri's regiment (212th or 327th) but from what I gather you fit into this scenario. Else shock and Riot should handle the arrest as it was in character. Shooting a DT because he was detaining someone is not a valid RP reason, even if he was a friend.
  15. Eclipse

    Automated Steamnam3s

    I never said they didn't get permission. I prefer to ask before I use it. I also find my system allows for easier contact with people.
  16. Eclipse

    Automated Steamnam3s

    That's moose's system in which he created a custom website, of which I never got permission to use. Only navy and sith use that system from what I know*
  17. Eclipse

    Deployable Turrets

    I think this would most suit 442nd as its a siege Battalion in lore. +1
  18. Eclipse

    Arkan's Trial Moderator Application

    +1, there is a reason I left this boy to handle SC after I left. Extremely mature, Though hasn't held staff ranks, he has held a leadership position on multiple servers, Long time player, Works hard to achieve his goals I couldn't think of anyone that'd be better.
  19. Eclipse


    Hitting the disagree instead of salute bind when fliqqs was walking past
  20. Eclipse

    Elite Praetorian Guard

    Also, if you were to actually look at the model you'd realise they look terrible. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1166986596
  21. Eclipse

    Eclipse's Trial Mod application

    8Steam Details Steam Name: [IG] Eclipse Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:169836462 Steam Profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/baetawolf4 In Game Details In Game Name: Eclipse In Game Rank: SGT In Game Regiment: Riot Time Played (Server Time/Screenshot evidence): https://gyazo.com/b58fb209210f95c6b133106c84e38a81 Applicants History & Reasons Have you had any warns (If so state them): I have not. Have you had any bans (If so state them): I have not. Have you been staff on any other servers or communities (If so state them): I never really started staffing experiences on other games, however, upon reflection I think it's just as important. My first actual staffing experience was on a minecraft server called PrimeMC, where the player base whilst my time of staff reached 2000 players, making it the 5th most popular server at the time. Throughout my time there I shaped into the person I am, this is how I became 'mature' I learnt time management skills, justification and how to not be biased. After leaving the minecraft community I fell into the TTT grounds where I later became staff on "Glurk TTT", where I learnt balance between the strict staffing of the minecraft server ane having fun. Along with this I learnt the basic terms and rules of a majority of servers use. After Glurk shut down I moved into the DarkRP scene and after months of a staff break I became a trial mod on Otasy gaming, where it would peak its players at 60 people. Here is where I learnt the more advanced rules of Gmod, such as fearRP. Otsay, after closing, reopened where I was mod for the short period it was open. Lastly, I was an Event Staff on a SWRP server, arguably that has nothing to do with being a mod, however whilst in this position I gained an advanced knowledge of ULX commands. What do you believe is the purpose of Moderators on the server: Moderators have the purpose of keeping the server clean of minges, and rule breakers, dealing with problems on the server fast and efficiently, Moderator have the role of making an enjoyable environment for players of the server, whether that is removing minges or assisting people in RP. They also have one of the most important roles of creating a link between the management team and the players, to ensure that both parties have the ability to hear from both sides about issues the server faces. Why are you applying to be a Trial Moderator: I'm applying for trial mod to give back to the community who has given so much to me, I want the server to proposer and I hope I can help it achieve that. I want to be able to assist the community with the problems it faces, I want to help the people who have lead me through tough times unknowingly. I want to help people beyond what I can now. What do you believe you can bring to the staff team: The staff team is unique and it's difficult to find something I can stand out in but, I can bring a different view to the staff team, as one of the younger dedicated players of the server I can connect with people from all ages and assist them even when times get annoying. I also have the ability to bring my knowledge of leadership as I've had roles on the server that required leadership skills. I can also bring staffing strategies to the team due to previous experiences. Scenarios Someone Mass RDM’s and disconnects from the server. What do you do?: If I had the chance I would attempt to jail the individual to prevent further damage to the server. If the offender logs off I would use logs to find the offender's SteamID and proceed to ban and warn for LTAP and Mass RDM. I would ban depending on the recommend time from other staff members. Someone is bullying another member of the community. What do you do?: First I would consult with the victim to determine if it's banter or harassment, after which I would talk to the offender and request a stop. If it continued I would take harsher courses of punishments, such as warns and kicks. If it continued or became worse I would issue a ban for a few hours to let the offender think of his actions. I would then inform staff to keep an eye on the individual. You see a higher ranking staff member abuse their powers. What do you do?: Depends on the severity of the abuse, if the victim is fine with it I'd continue on as normal. If it impacted the victim or the server in a negative way I would record the event and forward it on to the management team. Someone threatens to DDOS the server. what do you do?: Gather evidence and ban for as long as possible, then forward it to someone who has the ability to ban for longer. Malicious intent to the server should not be tolerated.
  22. Eclipse

    Eclipse's Trial Mod application

    Requesting my application to be locked - overcoming personal things that may take an extended period of time.
  23. Eclipse

    Boris's TMOD Application

    He didn't bump his thread, he was responding to issues states against him. Bumping would involve little to no reasoning in the message. ---------EDIT--------- +1 Although having no previous moderating experience can make someone a lesser candidate. I believe having previous a previous event master role can be just as good. Event masters need to think fast on their feet, be able to meditate on an idea, and have good time management. Great personality, though a little goofy at time. Detail is good. Has clearly learnt from his previous ban as he hasn't received a warn. I'd just suggest working on your maturity - a little less goofy
  24. Eclipse

    Boris's TMOD Application

    What's your time after the reset?